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The Latest Dalek Super-weapon

By Alden Bates



Dimensions (in mm)1572h × 1149w × 1377l
Armour40mm Capable of withstanding a Dalekanium blast at close range
Armaments108mm Plasma Energy Cannon, two 27mm Repetitive Swivel Masers, two Multi-Directional Energy Projectors
Targetingtwo Receptor-Mounted Laser Sights
Power SourceDalekanium Reactor - Output 1000MW

This is the result of a recent find made by a team of scientists working on the fifth planet of Distern Alpha. Three hitherto unknown Dalek casings were discovered in poor condition in a small cave along with other unidentified wreckage. The three casings seem to be discarded prototypes, the more advanced and least damaged of the three is shown here.

Initial analysis seems to suggest that they were an attempt to duplicate the success of the earlier 'Special Weapons Dalek' without the instability caused by bombardment of the controlling mutant by radiation. The life-support chamber is totally isolated and shielded from outside stimulus bar the visual data provided by the computer. The main blaster's position near the ground increases stability, allowing increased manoeuvring.

There are, as it has been pointed out, several design flaws. The vents required to exhaust the excess heat caused by the reactor provide a vulnerable target for enemy fire, and the fixed position of the main blaster means that the entire shell must be turned to cover all 360 degrees.

A return of this class in modified form is expected. Agents are warned to be cautious.

The area on Distern Alpha V where the three casings were found The earlier 'Special Weapons Dalek' in action, eliminating fleeing Renegades on Chloros-Rof

This item appeared in TSV 29 (July 1992).