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Discovering Who

By Philip J Gray

Unlike many other people, I cannot really say that I grew up watching Doctor Who. My parents definitely did not approve of the programme and so the only chances I got to watch it were when I could, which was unfortunately not half as often as I would have liked. I have never felt the urge to hide behind a sofa while watching any of the stories, but this is probably because I didn't really get a chance to watch as a child so I was not frightened by any of the monsters.

I remember watching various oddments of episodes like Warriors' Gate and getting to see quite a lot of the later Tom Baker stories. I think for me, Tom Baker is my Doctor, because he was the first one I ever watched properly so I identified with him.

When I was older, I also became very fond of Colin Baker and still believe that he was excellent despite the problems of his era.

I also remember many other science fiction programmes I enjoyed when I got to see them, including Star Fleet and The Six Million Dollar Man; I also enjoy Blakes 7. My favourite show is The Tomorrow People, as anyone who has met me will know!

I am now in a position of being able to buy and watch what I want since I left home a couple of years ago, and I have a collection that I am very proud of even if it may not be as large as some people's. I get everything that comes out that I would like, but I am not going to get everything with the words Doctor Who written on it.

My experience with fandom is not large, having only been to one convention but I can say that I have been kissed twice by Jacqueline (Servalan) Pearce!

I enjoy writing for TSV and am eager to get more involved in Christchurch fandom but as Aden Shillito says, there does not seem to be all that much of it left anymore, which seems to me a great pity.

I look forward to many more years of enjoyment of Doctor Who and I remain quite certain that the BBC will eventually bring the programme back, although in what format I really don't know. I do enjoy the New Adventures in print but I certainly want it back on our television screens too.

This item appeared in TSV 29 (July 1992).

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