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Discovering Who

By Jonathan Park

The very first time I saw Doctor Who was when was five. The repeats were on and I remember seeing the two Doctors arguing in The Three Doctors, the maggots attacking Jo in The Green Death, Linx taking off his helmet in The Time Warrior and finally the Doctor falling onto the floor and changing into his fourth regeneration.

I wasn't interested in Doctor Who then. It had just been coincidence that I had turned the TV on at the time. I was more interested in the sinking of the Titanic and the introduction of new toys called GI Joe. Two years passed and I still wasn't interested in Doctor Who. Then my mother and I went to England on holiday. As we were leaving Auckland we were told that one of the engines had failed and there would have to be a 48 hour stop over in Auckland. So we were posted at a hotel and there was nothing to do except watch TV and play in the elevators; so I turned on the TV to watch the final few moments of Snakedance Part Three, in which I saw Tegan with lipstick around her eyes and the Doctor and Nyssa about to be killed. That night we left for England. While I was over there I saw The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Part Four and I bought my Dapol figures (the Doctor, a Dalek and K9). The Doctor went missing, K9's head snapped off and the Dalek fell to bits all in a matter of hours.

After we got back to New Zealand I watched the final moments on Mawdryn Undead Part Two to see Mawdryn confronting Tegan, Nyssa and the Brigadier. Unfortunately our sofa was against the wall so I made a small fortress out of cushions to hide behind.

I started buying 10-20 Doctor Who books at a time and I videoed most of the episodes starting from Colin Baker. Then I went to a Tecorians meeting with my mum and I found out that Janine Gredig's mother was part of that group. She informed me about the NZDWFC and I joined, starting with issue 20 of TSV, attended the video days, met Jon Pertwee at Whocon, resubscribed to the club when I moved to Auckland, and here I am typing now my memories of my favourite programme. As William Hartnell said 'Part of Doctor Who stays with you for the rest of your life.' I think how right he is!!

This item appeared in TSV 29 (July 1992).

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