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By Paul and Felicity Scoones

Welcome to the 'short' issue of TSV! With the lack of material we had received by the 12 June deadline Paul and I were resigning ourselves to putting out the briefest issue of our tenure as editors but then everything came flooding in. Our final submission (Scrapbook - hopefully to become a regular column) was delivered by its author less than 48 hours before we went to print. Thank you to Graham Howard, Murray Jackson and Justin Reynolds for providing their work already typed.

Due to our concerns about the stapler being able to force its way through a 104 page issue we have actually had to hold over some Discovering Who articles and some (more!) artwork by Tim Hill and a cartoon by Rochelle Thickpenny which we will endeavour to print next time as I know you will enjoy them.

TSV 29 is, of course The Tomb of the Cybermen-dominated issue and quite a variety of opinions have been expressed in the Comments section. Thank you to Kerrin for drawing a cover especially for this theme. For those of you who have not yet been able to see Tomb we will still be showing it as Doctorcon - Friday morning is where I am tentatively scheduling it at the moment - so you only have nine months to wait!


July 1987 - five years ago to the month - was the cover date of the very first issue of TSV. I'd tell you that we've marked our birthday by producing the longest issue yet (by far), but that would lack conviction on two counts. Not only was it not intended to be this length, but there's also the frighteningly real possibility that next issue might yet exceed the new record page count. It all rather depends on you, the potential contributor. We're always looking for good stories / articles / letters / reviews / artwork / etc, but please, please try and get them in the right side of the deadline (or at least soon after, if you must!). Incidentally, the deadline is the date when we start putting the issue together; not when it gets posted out as one or two of you evidently believe. If the contributions had come in somewhat earlier, then maybe - just maybe - we might have got the issue closer to the end of June than the middle of July.

Thanks to those of you to expressed your concern at the non-showing of TSV for two weeks after the expected date. It's nice to see that you care. We hope as always to be a little more punctual with the next effort, but having fallen behind with one, it's doubly difficult to make up for lost time. So, no promises, other than that TSV 30 will turn up in your letterboxes sometime in September. Please remember that no one gets paid for the work they put into TSV; we're all giving our time for free, and we do have a social life to keep up as well!

We've compiled the results of the Readers Survey sent out with TSV 28, but sadly due to space restrictions, it has been necessary to add this to a growing pile of items held over for next issue. Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond. Some of the articles in this issue are the results of your requests in the survey.

For those of you into collecting the latest Doctor Who books, you'll no doubt be delighted to see that we've not only got a whole bundle of new titles for sale in the Catalogue, but also a lot of information on upcoming books that I've yet to see printed in any other publication - anywhere, so consider it to be a bit of a scoop for TSV!

There's a definite emphasis on a certain recently-found Doctor Who story in this issue. We should be back to our regular richly varied content next time!

Finally, a big thank you to our harassed friend and fellow 'zine editor Chris Mander who has loaned us his computer. As a result, I was able to get some of my own articles laser printed.

Four sinister dark shadows on the horizon...
clip clop...


This item appeared in TSV 29 (July 1992).