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Timewyrm: Revelation

By Paul Cornell

Book review by Jonathan Park

The first part of the book was easy to follow but as soon as Ace found herself on the moon the book became rather hard to understand. I just couldn't see how a church could have a mind of its own, who Chad Boyle was taken away with and many other things besides. Where actually in the book were the first and fourth Doctors? I read it through again and realised that the Fourth Doctor was the ferryman, but was the First Doctor the librarian or the gardener? This book was not as good as I thought it would be but it is still a good read.

Book review by Matthew Eglinton

I am obviously the only person in New Zealand fandom, no perhaps the whole of fandom, who thinks Timewyrm: Revelation is complete crap. Whilst I wouldn't call Genesys, Exodus or Apocalypse brilliant, Revelation doesn't hold a candle even to Genesys. While Genesys is by no means Doctor Who, the story is weak and the whole book, in my opinion, seems slightly rushed, the story is at least fairly clear cut. Revelation is written deliberately to confuse. In an interview I read recently Paul Cornell implied this, saying that he likes to keep the pace one or two steps in front of the reader. Fine, if you enjoy that sort of thing - I bloody well don't!

This book had two redeeming features 1) the cover (and that's not saying much!) and 2) Ace seemingly dies, but as usual, like a bad nightmare, she comes back to haunt fandom...

For the final book of the fairly average Timewyrm series I expected a lot more. OK, I've had my bitch, Revelation is probably the most enjoyable Doctor Who novel I've read.

This item appeared in TSV 29 (July 1992).

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