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The Tomb of the Cybermen Concordance

By Jon Preddle

An alphabetical listing of the people, places and things from the 1967 Second Doctor adventure.

Alpha Meson Phosphor:
Lighting system used in the City. It never goes out, and it works from barium bombardment by cosmic rays.
Boolean Logic:
Symbolic logic for the use in non-mathematical operations, used by Klieg to open the hatch.
Brotherhood of Logicians:
In Klieg's own words they were the greatest Man-intelligence ever assembled. To take over Earth they needed something logical that would obey them - the Cybermen. They sent Klieg to Telos to resurrect them.
Callum, Jim:
American astronaut. He spent most of his time trying to repair the sabotaged ship. After Kaftan closed the hatch, Victoria summoned him for help. He was attacked by a cybermat, and later wounded with a Cyber-gun fired by Klieg.
The entrance is buried in a cliff-face. The vast underground city holds the last remains of the Cybermen - or so the Expedition believed.
Unnamed member of the rocket crew. Eager to win Kaftan's offer of 50 pounds to open the doors, he was the first to die - receiving a fatal electric shock.
Leader of the Cybermen in the tombs. Taller than the others, he had a dome-like head and no chest unit. Reactivated by Klieg he went to the rejuvenator. He knew of the Doctor from Cybermen history records. He planned to convert all the humans into Cybermen. He controlled Toberman with mental-waves. He fought with the giant and was seemingly destroyed after being thrown into a console, but returned to try and keep the tombs from being resealed. There, he received a massive electric shock and appeared to have been destroyed...
Metallic life-forms which home in on human brain-waves. They were sent to attack the humans. By surrounding themselves with electric cables the Doctor gave the small creatures 'metal breakdowns'. The Doctor has encountered them before - he has details of them in his diary.
They apparently died out 500 years ago. As the Cybercontroller reveals, their machinery had stopped and their supplies of replacements depleted. They had attacked the moonbase earlier to find supplies. They set up the tombs as a trap to attract intelligent life-forms to the planet so they could be converted. They slept in suspension. They use rejuvenator machines, can be killed by their own weapons - x-ray lasers - and spew foam when destroyed.
Mentioned by Victoria. They killed her father.
A small radio-like device used by the Doctor to test the current in the doors to the City.
The TARDIS has been his home for a considerable number of years. He is about 450 years in Earth terms. He knows of Cybermats. Details about him are recorded in the Cybermen's history computers. He understands and solves the logic codes in the city. He uses a small device to test the current in the tomb doors. He talks about his family. He also sleeps. He wears a cape. He rigs up the tombs with electrical charges.
The Expedition was from Earth. The Cybermen had not been seen for 500 years, placing the time of the Expedition as being the late 26th (?) century. At the time the Brotherhood Of Logicians were a major influential power.
From Earth. Funded by Kaftan, the expedition consisted of archaeologists and historians: Parry, Viner, Hayden and Klieg. They believed the Cybermen had died out and that the City on Telos was their final resting place.
Five Hundred Year Diary:
The Doctor consulted it to find information on Cybermats. This shows that he has encountered them before!
A series of logic code needed to open the hatch.
Sealed entrance-way to the depths of the city - to the tombs themselves - it could only be opened by solving a series of logic codes.
Hayden, Peter:
English archaeologist. He and Jamie explored the weapons room. He was blasted down by the hidden weapon in the room.
American captain of the Rocket Hire ship. He estimated it would take 72 hours to repair the vessel. He went down into the tombs armed with smoke-grenades.
Arabic (?) financier of the Expedition. She sealed the hatch trapping the others in the tombs, and drugged Victoria. She and Klieg re-activated a Cyber-gun. She was blasted down by the Cyber-Controller.
Klieg, Eric:
Egyptian (?) logician, one of the Brotherhood Of Logicians. With Kaftan's money, and Parry's gullibility, he planned to resurrect the Cybermen as his own servants. The Doctor was convinced that the man was quite mad. He did re-activate the Cybermen, but they rejected his demands. He tried to make a deal with the Controller. When the Controller was destroyed, Klieg saw himself as becoming the Cybermen's new leader, but was killed for his efforts.
Logic Codes:
To open the hatch and reactivate the tombs, all the controls were protected by symbolic logic codes. The Cybermen only wanted beings with intelligence to solve them - they would prove ideal for conversion. Part of the codes were basic binary to digital conversion, using Whitehead logic and the Fourier series.
Maxtible, Theodore:
Mentioned by Victoria, he was a scientist who built a time machine, with her father's help.
McCrimmon, James ('Jamie'):
Teams up with Hayden and is hypnotized by the target device. He is blasted by a charge of power emitted by a Cyberman.
The Cybermen's 'first planet'. When it was destroyed the Cybermen went to Telos.
The scene of an earlier encounter with the Cybermen mentioned by the Doctor. The Cybermen attacked the base to use the humans to convert into Cybermen.
English professor. He was leader of the Expedition, his life's work was to find the lost city of the Cybermen.
Large cannon-like device pointed at a sarcophagus. The Cybermen would stand inside the sarcophagus and be revitalized. Victoria became trapped inside it (by Kaftan) and the Controller was also sealed inside, but smashed its way out again.
Rocket Hire:
Kaftan hired them for the trip to Telos. Hopper was the captain. The crew consisted of Callum, Rogers and one unnamed member.
Rogers, Ted:
American astronaut. He set up the explosives required to blow away the cliff-face, and helped repair the wrecked space-ship.
The planet of the Daleks, from where the TARDIS leaves at the beginning of the story.
The Doctor's home for a considerable number of years. It is first seen on Skaro, then it land on Telos in the 26th (?) century. Victoria changes clothes (presumably in the wardrobe room).
Located in a room off the main hall, Jamie and Hayden activated a spiral pattern which was a target used for testing a new Cyber-cannon. Hayden commented that similar devices were used on earth 'years ago'.
Desert-like planet where the Cybermen went after the destruction of Mondas. They built their tombs there. In the late 26th (?) century, an expedition from Earth arrived. The northern hemisphere of the planet was tangential with Earth at 18.42 hours.
Strong black servant to Kaftan. She sent him to sabotage the rocket. He was captured by the Cybermen and his right arm was cybernized. Controlled with mental-waves by the Controller, he became unstable when Kaftan was killed. He sacrificed his own life to close the electrically charged doors of the Tombs.
Beneath the city, are the tombs, accessible by the sealed hatch. A honey-comb of cells each containing a dormant Cyberman. Klieg reactivated the units. The Cybermen have been asleep for 500 years. The Doctor rigged the controls so they could never be reactivated.
Viner, John:
Fidgety English archaeologist/historian. He was shot by Klieg when trying to shut down the re-activation of the Cyber-tombs.
Waterfield, Edward:
Victoria's father. He was killed by the Daleks.
Waterfield, Victoria:
She joins the TARDIS crew on Skaro. She changed dresses in the TARDIS. She misses her father. She is locked in the rejuvenator machine by Kaftan and hides a cybermat in her carry-bag. Her coffee is drugged by Kaftan.
Whitehead Logic:
A logic code used by Klieg to activate the hatch controls.
X-Ray Laser:
A weapon used by the Cybermen.

This item appeared in TSV 29 (July 1992).

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