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By Paul Scoones

"We could all do with a rest..."

Originally intended for release in December this year, this issue has been out put two months early to avoid clashing with other commitments (such as University Exams). For various reasons, not least of all that I want a refreshing break from producing this non-stop over the last 4 months, TSV 4 won't be out until March next year.

At the moment, Paul and I are considering the future of TSV. We'd both like it to include more readers' contributions - this issue has a healthy number, but more would be even better. Reviews, articles, short stories and the like have been promised by many readers in the last few weeks, so the once-considered idea of making TSV 4 the final issue has all but gone out the window, so to speak. The current suggestion is that 1988 sees 3 or 4 issues, each the same length that you see before you now, 32 pages.

Do not despair; Time Space Visualiser will return!

This item appeared in TSV 3 (October 1987).