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The Space Museum

by Glyn Jones

Book review by Paul Scoones

Although I've never seen the 1965 story, The Space Museum, I understand that it was only a low-budget serial to lead into the Dalek epic, The Chase. The script is about the TARDIS crew (the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki), becoming involved in a plain old civil war between Moroks and Xerons. Coupled up with this are some interesting sequences in the first half of the story where the TARDIS crew arrive in their own future, and have to wait to materialise fully. This is a neat plot device, as they see a possible ending of the Morok/Xeron war. Glyn Jones having written the original script, has now produced a superb novel full of excellent characterisations - from the TARDIS crew right down to what were probably only extras in the TV production. Of particular delight are the insights into the mind of Governor Logos, Ian Chesterton, the Morok Pluton, and the Doctor himself, and the latter is treated in a way more faithful to Hartnell's portrayal than most other books of his era. Vicki, I'm sure, didn't have as much to do in the original script as she does in the book, essentially being behind the whole Xeron revolution in the first place. One can sympathise with Ian over his arguments with the Time Lord, and the Doctor's conversations with Lobos are delightful. Many a time whilst reading this book, I laughed at Jones' splendid humour. This must surely rank as one of the very good Doctor Who novels.

This item appeared in TSV 3 (October 1987).

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