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Discovering Who

By Alex Turlough

As an Englishman born in 1966, I grew up with Jon Pertwee as the Doctor. My very earliest memory is from his first story, Spearhead from Space, when the Auton mannequins blasted their way out of the shop. I was 3½ at the time.

My next memory was from the next Auton story the following year, of the little creature that the Master put into Farrell's car. Other highlights from the early Seventies include The Sea Devils, The Green Death and Planet of the Spiders.

I remember having my first crush on Liz Sladen (Sarah Jane) at age eight ( which is still going strong). Early Tom Baker stories in the mid Seventies I remember very clearly but I drifted away from watching Doctor Who in the late Seventies when it all started to get rather silly.

In 1980 however I discovered three of the Target books in the attic (they had been my older brother's). They were The Daleks, The Crusaders and The Sea Devils. Reading these books re-fired my interest and Full Circle was on at the time so I watched avidly the rest of Tom Baker's last season.

I got involved in fandom in England in the early eighties. I went to the Longleat 20th Anniversary bash in April '83 where I met my girlfriend-to-be for the first time. I also met my 'namesake', Mark Strickson in Birmingham at a convention in the Summer of '83.

Since those 'heady days' my interest has cooled slightly, but I remain hopeful that it will be reinvigorated when the programme returns once again.

This item appeared in TSV 30 (September 1992).

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