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Discovering Who

By Micheal Dwyer

My first recollection of Doctor Who seems to be of Daleks - not surprising really. As I recall, they were making their way out of a tunnel, being accompanied by giant ugly aliens (which I now know were Ogrons), and exterminating any soldiers that they happened to come across. This little memory would be from Day of the Daleks in November 1985.

Now for the surprising part. Even though it was a Dalek story, I didn't get completely hooked on Doctor Who. Through 1986 I didn't see much of the show. When I attended intermediate school in 1987 I began watching it more regularly, but I still wasn't hooked, although I was a firm science fiction fan by this time, having watched Blake's Seven and Star Trek when I could and I'd seen some great movies.

Early in 1988 I was at the local shopping mall with my Dad when I came across a metre-high grey and black cardboard cut out Dalek in Whitcoulls. It was on display with a stand of Doctor Who books being sold at two for the price of one. My Dad thought it was a good deal, and bought me one - and of course I got one free. I still have those two books - The Massacre and The Macra Terror. They both had a sticker on the front promoting Doctor Who's twenty-fifth anniversary. Looking inside the covers, I saw that The Massacre said that the role of the Doctor was played by 'William Hartnell' and The Macra Terror said 'Patrick Troughton'. Of course I didn't know who these people were, and to this day I still haven't read The Massacre.

In July 1988, during Warriors' Gate, I started to watch the programme more closely, and when Logopolis Part Four screened in August I got really hooked. The regeneration scene was the thing that did it. I remember that I had been in town with my mom and when I got home I rushed to my room, switched on the telly (black and white!) just in time to see it happen. From then on I watched Doctor Who avidly, and in the lounge too, where there was a colour television.

In September 1989 I discovered the NZDWFC in an issue of Doctor Who Magazine and joined in time to receive TSV 15. I've been a member ever since.

At the end of last year, when I had to sit my school certificate exams, I studied my heart out, but I still failed all of them, god damn it! And you know what? My parents blamed Doctor Who for this, especially my mom!

This item appeared in TSV 30 (September 1992).

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