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By Paul and Felicity Scoones

Another couple of months, another issue of TSV, our tenth no less. With this issue we've made a number of what we hope you'll agree are improvements to the format, and have introduced a new section entitled 'Who Review' which will from now on encompass your opinions on the latest books, magazines, videos and other Doctor Who merchandise.

A number of the items included in this issue were held over from last time; the amount of material received for publication these last couple of months has been very slight. Perhaps there's nothing new to say about the show? I'd personally like to see more in-depth discussion on The New Adventures - after all, they are the latest 'episodes', so to speak.

I'd like to draw your attention to an item on page 66 of this issue by one of our members, Andrew Cook. It's a proposal for a National Science Fiction Fandom Awards system, and the National Association for Science Fiction (NASF) are currently seeking opinions from NZ fans on this topic. This is your chance to have your say on how these awards should be structured and administered. Under the proposed system outlined by Andrew, TSV should win in the category of 'Best Club Fanzine' on sheer weight of numbers (no other NZ SF fanzine has anywhere near the readership of TSV). It is my opinion, however, that there should be just one fanzine award - why discriminate between 'General' and 'Club' fanzine. To my way of thinking, 'Club Fanzine' is a term with inferior connotations, and I believe there should be just one fanzine category: 'Best Fanzine'. After all, wouldn't it be really neat for TSV to be judged the best SF fanzine in New Zealand? Read what Andrew has to say, and if you come up with any views, write them down and send them off to NASF before the end of October.

Producing TSV is a lot of hard work and can be very stressful at times, but the rewards come from recognition of our efforts, such as when we recently heard from well-known British Doctor Who writer, collector and fan David J Howe, who had seen Paul Cornell's copy of TSV 28 and as a result is interested in subscribing. It was also a real 'buzz' to see the following printed in issue 190 of Doctor Who Magazine: "Time/Space Visualiser... The official organ of The New Zealand Doctor Who fan club. Nearly ninety pages of articles, interviews, letters and ads."


I hope that many of you will be able to attend The Black Hole (and that this issue reaches you before that date to back up the advertising the Chapters have already done). The Chapter Co-ordinators in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch have been putting a lot of time and effort into their respective microcons and I'm sure the resulting day will be enjoyable for everyone concerned. I would especially like to encourage Christchurch fans to go along. Christchurch used to be the centre of Doctor Who fandom and even though TSV has moved to Auckland there is no reason for things to change, especially with enthusiastic people like Aden Shillito and Chris Owen running things - I am hoping they will be able to come to Auckland next Easter and lend their creativity to Doctorcon. Speaking of Doctorcon please refer to Leisure Hive for an update on how things are going. Thank you to the people who gave suggestions for events in their responses to the reader survey. It was also encouraging to see how many people already intend to be there.

Keep writing articles - we can't do TSV without your input. I am especially interested in peoples' thoughts on The New Adventures, examinations of them like Jessica Smiler's, in addition to reviews.


This item appeared in TSV 30 (September 1992).