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Timewyrm: Revelation

By Paul Cornell

Book review by Stephen Austin

What more can I say about this book other than that it was absolutely wonderful! From start to finish the entire book was a thoroughly riveting read, beating Exodus and Apocalypse hands down.

The language used has an immediacy about it that pulls the reader into the book right from the start and takes them on a surreal journey through a land of mystery and darkness. Apart from the occasional sense of confusion in places (which the writer probably placed there intentionally for effect), the book moves along at a rattling pace.

The characters were beautifully captured on the written page - the Doctor and Ace are becoming a force to be reckoned with. The use of the Doctor's past incarnations was not incongruous, but a vital part of the story - the best written characterisation of a Doctor, apart from McCoy's, would have to be Hartnell's as the irascible old librarian.

The idea of the being inhabiting the church was quite interesting - could it be the spirit of the Doctor after his final regeneration? We will probably never know.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable entertaining novel which is a great step up from the ordinary 'running down corridors being chased by great hairy beasties' genre. A thoroughly adult novel; to all of those younger fans who found the book extremely confusing, I suggest that you leave it on your shelf for a few years and then read it again

I'm sure you'll understand it better. I have high hopes for Cornell's next book, Love and War - even with that tacky cover!

This item appeared in TSV 30 (September 1992).

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