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The Space Museum

A Collection of Doctor Who Oddities

The purpose of The Space Museum is to illustrate how Doctor Who has become an accepted part of wider culture. You will find here references to features of the programme which are out of their original context. The word Dalek in particular has been absorbed into our language and now stands for much more than just a pepperpot-shaped monster from Skaro.

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Cartoon strip (left) from New Internationalist magazine, May 1992
Submitted by Stephen Pritchard

Excerpt from Skymaze, a young adult book published in 1989, by Gillian Rubenstein
Submitted by Jessica Smiler

"Sucked in!" Mario crowed. "He'll think we've jumped off the edge. I hope he feels guilty!" Mario dismissed Darren with a last snigger, and then looked intently at Ben. "Heyyyy," he said slowly, as something dawned on him. "Look who we've got with us! The Time Lord himself. Got your watch on you, Benny boy?"

Excerpt from Scripture Union Media video listing
Submitted by Jessica Smiler

Length: 22 minutes
Age Group: 15+

Dr Why is a time traveller, cousin of Dr Who. In a creative and humorous way he shows that science can only answer questions about the internal workings of the universe. Questions about ultimate meaning and purpose can only be dealt with by philosophy and religion.

This item appeared in TSV 30 (September 1992).

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