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By Paul and Felicity Scoones

'Some things change, some stay the same...'

TSV is no longer a bi-monthly publication. 'What a surprise,' I hear all two hundred people chorus, having waited patiently since the end of last month for this issue. Things have changed. My main aim with TSV is to produce a high quality publication. This as you can probably appreciate, takes a considerable amount of time - I've easily spent in excess of 60 hours on this issue alone. It's not always possible to find that sort of time going spare within the space of a month or two, so inevitably the publication schedule has to change.

TSV will now come out approximately every two and a half months, or roughly five times a year. This will vary from issue to issue, depending on how much time I can devote to it, and how soon the contributions come in. It's perfectly acceptable to send in stuff before the deadline, and it means that I can begin work on the issue earlier. Never fear, TSV is here to stay, and you'll still get six issues for a full subscription (a subscription, incidentally, which has remained fixed at $20 since January 1991, and should remain unchanged for quite some time yet).

Enclosed with this issue I hope, (since it has yet to arrive at the time of writing), is a NASF Awards Nomination form. Our best chance of promoting the NZDWFC to the wider science fiction community is to win these awards in as many categories as possible, and to be in the running we need nominations, so fill in the form - it is possible to cover every category if you treat our 'Specials' as 'General Fanzines' You've all been saying how much you like TSV; now's your chance to help out in our bid to win these awards and put the NZDWFC on the map. You'd be surprised how little we're recognised by the rest of SF fandom. Don't delay sending your form in, and don't expect someone else to do it instead - every nomination counts.

I note that yesterday was the Doctor Who anniversary day. It's a little bit sad that it's now three years since the last season was made. I wonder if the situation will have improved by this time next year, in time for the 30th anniversary...?

I'm not usually in the habit of promising anything for the next issue, but you may like to know that we'll be featuring a very detailed look at the changes made to Attack of the Cybermen before and during its production. There's also the second part of WOTAN Lives!, all the regular features, and a whole lot more stuff which I don't know about because you haven't written/drawn it yet... right?


It was heartening to read the accounts of the Christchurch Chapter's 'Black Hole'. I am glad to see that people are summoning up the enthusiasm to attend such events and I hope that 'Corona' will be equally successful. Continuing in this vein, I would like to thank all the Chapter Coordinators who ran the video marathons; Darrell and Edwin Patterson in Auckland, Ian Bisset and Paul Rigby in Wellington, and Christopher Owen and Aden Shillito in Christchurch. I am sure that all of these people put a lot of time and effort into making 12 September a success.

With a club spread all over New Zealand and numbering so many, it is only really feasible for members to get together once every year or two at a convention. Even then travelling costs may prohibit people from attending, so chapters and chapter coordinators play an important role in the social side of the club which in turn enhances inspiration and enthusiasm. The evolution of DoctorCon 2 by the Wellington Chapter is a good example of this.

DoctorCon 3 is now just three and a half months away and I would really like more feedback about it; specifically I would like to hear from anyone who would like to be involved in any capacity, major or minor, for example assisting on the registration desk or running an event.


This item appeared in TSV 31 (November 1992).