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By Paul and Felicity Scoones

I have now, since the last issue, changed my designation to 'assistant editor'. This is to reflect the relative amount of work I now do on TSV compared with Paul. One reason for this is that I am now President of the Science Fiction Modellers Club, an Auckland-based general SF club. Another reason is that my interest in Doctor Who lies mainly with the New Adventures, the artwork, and with fan activity; these things comprise a fairly small part of TSV compared with coverage of the television programme and technical details.


This is it - 1993 - the anniversary year, but it's not just the big three-oh for Doctor Who, it's also the fifth anniversary of the creation of the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club, which was set up by Scott Walker, Andrew Poulsen and Kay Lilley in February 1988. At that time I was putting together TSV 5.

The 'proper' celebratory issue, The Best of TSV 1-20 won't be out for a few months yet, but when it does come out, we're hoping it will be rather special... Meanwhile, this issue will have to mark the event, and I hope you'll like what follows on the next eighty-odd pages. I'm particularly pleased with how it has come out, especially after the minor disasters which plagued our previous issue!

Some of you who contributed to this issue may be rather disappointed to find that some of your material has been left out. That's because we ran out of room, and rest assured, all that material has top priority for a place in TSV 33!

On the subject of contributions, you may have already noticed the change of cover artist for this issue. Kerrin Jones found himself too bogged down by other commitments to meet even our final-final-no excuses-deadline, so we rummaged through our 'Artwork for Printing' file and found the rather superb piece by Whangarei member Neil Lambess that now graces the front cover. A rare contribution from Warwick Gray (actually an earlier version of a piece he had printed in DWM), appears on the back. Check out Warwick's fascinating article on his DWM comic strip in this issue.

Looking back on 1992, I'm rather pleased to report that although we only produced five issues instead of 1991's six, our total page count for 1992 was 448, which would amount to six issues of over 72 pages each; whereas 1991's total, even with six issues instead of five, was only 412 pages! For those who are interested in facts and figures, we printed 1070 copies of those 1992 issues.

Before I go, why not try entering our great new short story competition this issue (see page 7)? You can win a Dalek kit - and you can also buy one (see page 72). I've been building mine with modifications to make it look like the Imperial Dalek seen in Remembrance of the Daleks. I hope to have an article on the modifications that need to be made next issue... that is, if I can get this damn superglue off my fingers!


This item appeared in TSV 32 (February 1993).