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Time Lord Game Additions

By Justin Reynolds


The Cryons are the indigenous inhabitants of Telos, the planet chosen by the Cybermen as their homeworld after the destruction of Mondas. Telos is a cold world, with vast polar areas permanently frozen. Consequently Telosian life has evolved to thrive in sub-zero conditions and the warmer equatorial zone is barren. However, Cryon industry has raised the temperature of the planet, and the fertile polar zones are smaller than they once were.

To support an increasing population in a shrinking habitable area, the Cryons built huge refrigerated cities beneath the equatorial deserts. These cities were ideal for the Cybermen to store dormant warriors, and cyberFaction forces invaded the planet. The Cryons were virtually wiped out, and their cities converted into the tombs of the Cybermen. The tiny pockets of survivors remained in hiding for several generations, but eventually their numbers grew enough for them to start fighting back and with help from the Doctor they managed to destroy the Cybermen. The Cryons are now trying to rebuild their civilisation.

Female in appearance, the Cryons are a species of hermaphroditic humanoids. They have large, smooth heads with crystalline bubbles along the back, which grow into a protective plate around their necks resembling that of the triceratops. Their iridescent skin is faintly translucent, and has a purple tinge which deepens with age, accompanied by a spreading of the crystals across the face. Thick whiskers sprout from above their mouths, and their large eyes are dark and mysterious. During the Cyberman occupation, Cryons wore gleaming white jumpsuits and boots, with little ornamentation.

In general, Cryons are an exceptionally benevolent race. They are friendly and sympathetic, and have a strong moral code - they thwarted the Cybermen's plan to change history by destroying the Earth, even though this would have saved Telos from the Cyberman invasion. Despite the tragedy that has befallen them they have a strong sense of humour and seldom fall into depression. Cryons speak in high-pitched, bubbly voices and constantly gesticulate with their long, slender fingers. They are naturally dexterous and always move gracefully.

Captured Cyberman blasters are the primary weapons of the Cryons. They are a peaceful species, and have not created effective weapons of their own. During the Cyberman occupation of Telos all Cryons carried blasters, but at other periods in their history they will be largely unarmed.

Vastial, a common mineral on Telos, is unstable in temperatures above freezing. At fifteen degrees Celsius it explodes with great violence. The Cryons could use it to make bombs, but they have little experience in that field. One kilogram inflicts 10 Wounds in the primary zone of effect.

The circular plate around the Cryons' necks provides them with partial Armour 6 against attacks to the neck, and partial Armour 3 for the head.

Heat is fatal to the Cryons - they boil if exposed to temperatures in excess of zero degrees Celsius. This restricts them to the subzero environments of the polar caps and their refrigerated underground cities. It would be possible for the Cryons to wear refrigerated suits to protect themselves in warm climates, but during the Cyberman occupation they do not have the technology or resources to manufacture them.


Lytton is a native of Riften 5, a satellite of the planet Vita 15 in Star System 690. Like most of his race, he is a mercenary who travels the galaxy seeking employment as a warrior. Although he works only for payment, he is not simply a ruthless killer - Lytton prefers to fight for honourable causes, and will not willingly aid evil forces such as the Daleks or Mel. However, Lytton is always completely professional and performs to the best of his ability no matter who, or what, he is working for.

One of Lytton's greatest strengths is his leadership ability. He will not allow any dissidence or insubordination on the part of his troops, and can quickly dissuade them from rash actions. Almost all his activities are carefully and ingeniously planned in advance, but Lytton is quite capable of reaction swiftly to unexpected developments. Even under highly stressful conditions he is calm and level-headed, and he does not easily lose his temper. Nevertheless, while he prefers to operate as commander of a small team, Lytton is equally competent as a solo agent.

Lytton is a sober, blunt spoken man who never gives away more than he thinks necessary. This gives the impression that what he does say can be trusted, but he will happily and convincingly lie through his teeth when doing so serves his purposes. He also has no regard for the law, but he only behaves dishonestly when it is the best course of action. He will not betray his true employer, though it may not be clear who he is really working for. Despite earning his living as a killer, he prefers to minimise harm to innocent bystanders where possible. Lytton has a caustic sense of humour, and little tolerance for stupidity. He is slow to trust others.

A tall, lean man with angular features, Lytton tends to stand out as an obvious leader. His short, dark hair is slicked back, emphasising his saturnine countenance and piercing brown eyes. While varying to suit the occasion, his clothing is usually rather formal e.g. a police inspector's uniform or a suit.

Stranded on Earth in 1984, Lytton came to the attention of the police after stealing the parts for an interstellar communication device. As he was brought back in time by the Daleks (working under duress or possibly mind control), there was no documentation on his past whatsoever. This, combined with the disappearance of a police officer investigating him, has resulted in his files receiving a lot of attention. However, since he has now returned to his own time, the police are unlikely to have much success finding him.

Generally Lytton carries a blaster which inflicts 6 Wounds, but he can handle most weapons and will use whatever is appropriate for his current situation. On Earth he used a 5 Wounds pistol.

During his exile on Earth, Lytton was assisted by two 'policemen' - actually Dalek duplicates. While they seemed entirely human and were capable of reacting intelligently, they had no will of their own and obeyed Lytton unquestioningly. They can be treated as modern soldiers. On Lytton's departure they were captured by the Cybermen and converted into Cybermen themselves. If they survived the destruction of Cybercontrol, they may still obey Lytton.

As a rule Lytton does not wear armour, but may don protective gear for particular missions. In partially cyberneticised form, he has Full Armour 7.

Well, he's like, dead.

Actually, this isn't as bad as it seems. There are two obvious ways around the problem, and a creative referee could probably think of others. The first is encountering Lytton prior to Attack of the Cybermen, either on Earth or before capture by the Daleks. In this case the referee must be very careful to avoid getting him killed. Alternatively, 'miraculous survival' a la the Master is a definite possibility. The Doctor hardly gave him a thorough examination, and standard signs of life (pulse, breathing) are not relevant to a largely cyberneticised body. He had 10 seconds to escape between the TARDIS's departure and Cybercontrol's destruction - plenty of time for a transmat to operate, and probably long enough for another TARDIS to rescue him. In Cyberman form he has Full Armour 7, Control 3, Strength 6 and Weight 5. He could be restored to his human body by sufficiently advanced medical technology.

Lytton's other main weakness is his reluctance to reveal his true motives, which can deprive him of potential allies. However, he is just as likely to avoid the attention of enemies by his secrecy.

This item appeared in TSV 32 (February 1993).

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