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Who-oops... Again!

Compiled by Jon Preddle and Paul Scoones

The first instalment of this column has, surprisingly, attracted a lot of feedback from readers based upon the number of submissions we have received. So, here are some further goofs from the world of Doctor Who.

Thanks to blooper-spotters Matthew Akerstern, Ehren Stowers, Jeff Stone, Robert Fleming, David Ronayne, Warwick Gray, Edwin Patterson, Chris Mander.


The Daleks
[Episode 2] William Hartnell delivers one of his infamous fluffs in the scene where the Doctor returns to the cell after being interrogated by the Daleks. He tells his companions that the vial of drugs left outside the TARDIS 'may have been anti-radiation gloves...' The others continue the scene as rehearsed, not realising that Hartnell has fluffed his lines. While the others are looking at each other in shock, Hartnell stammers and delivers the correct word 'drugs' but by then it is too late.
The Dalek Invasion of Earth
[Episode 3] A van can be seen moving behind Trafalgar Square in the supposedly deserted London in this episode.
The War Machines
[Episode 4] The War Machine has been deactivated, and as William Hartnell rises from where he was sitting he whacks his head against the side of the machine - but continues on with the scene.
The Tomb of the Cybermen
[Episode 3] When a Cyberman climbs from the hatch, Victoria hits it with the thermos. When she strikes him, you can hear the actor going 'Ouch!'
The Claws of Axos
[Episode 4] Benton and Yates are in a UNIT jeep when they are attacked by Axons' creatures. The blue screen used for CSO effects is clearly visible in the close ups - the effects technician apparently having forgotten to inlay the sky background.
Planet of the Daleks
[Episode 4] At the beginning of the first scene where the Thals take cover in the Plain of Stones, a huge dark shape (probably a studio technician) is visible briefly behind the painted sky backdrop.
Warriors' Gate
[Episode 3] K9 follows the slavers into their spaceship, only to be literally thrown out by Packard. Packard is obviously carrying the lightweight portable K9 prop because when he swings it, the hollow interior is clearly visible.
[Episode 3] In the scene where the crew discuss who is to shift the M-Z (this happens directly after the above K9 incident) a boom microphone can be seen lurking out from behind the gold foil covering the laser cannon.
[Episode 4] When the Master enters his TARDIS at the story's end, his shadow can be seen cast against the wall behind him - and it is still there as his ship dematerialises.
[Episode 1] In a scene with the troopers in the tunnels, the two androids can be seen moving down the passage behind the soldiers. The soldier at the end turns and fails to see the androids - despite the fact that the androids' moving shadows are in full view.
[Episode 4] When Concorde takes off from prehistoric Earth a row of modern buildings is clearly visible in the background.
[Episode 1] During the scene in which the Doctor and Tegan share a meal with the officers on board Striker's ship, The Shadow, the ship experiences some turbulence, causing the room to lurch suddenly. However the liquid in the glasses on the table remains completely level.
The Caves of Androzani
[Episode 3] The Doctor is chained to two handles affixed to the wall of Stotz's ship. He succeeds in ripping one of the handles off, and the camera supposedly follows the handle as it flies across the room and clatters against the opposite wall. However the handle can be seen still attached to the chain, dangling at the Doctor's wrist.
Silver Nemesis
[Episode 2] To create the effect of rocket blast from the Cybermen spaceship, a helicopter was filmed landing, over which the Cyber-ship was superimposed. In some shots, the swirling rotor-blades of the helicopter can be seen.


Doctor Who - Delta and the Bannermen
The spine of the paperback claims that Delta was up against only one Bannerman, while on page 54, after having held on for 24 seasons, the Doctor's bladder finally succumbs to pressure, and the Doctor relieves himself over a dusty shelf!
[show larger cover]Doctor Who and the Day of the Daleks
The American Pinnacle Books edition of this novel features on the cover a Dalek (with two gunsticks, and a plunger sticking out from its middle!) plus a space-ship emblazoned with a UNIT symbol.
Doctor Who - The Wheel in Space
The blurb on the back of this book says 'Can the Doctor trust anyone on board to help him stop the Wheel as it spins relentlessly through space?', but the Wheel is actually in a fixed orbit.
Doctor Who - The Savages
On page 15, Exorse says, 'This is a great honour, Doctor, to have you visit our planet.' Then, Edal says, 'We don't know your name, sir, but... [we] know you as the Traveller From Beyond Time.' If they don't know his name, then how do they know to call him Doctor?

This item appeared in TSV 32 (February 1993).

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