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What's really inside a Cyberman

By Alden Bates

Just to prove that I'm not Dalek fixated. (Hey, no-one's done this before). Apologies to Cyber-fans. Red Dwarf shocker: Kryten admits he's a closet Cyberman. Star Trek: The Next Generation's Data says: "Some of my best friends are Cybermen." Nineties Cybermen show their feelings more. Coming soon: What's really inside Davros...

[Diagram: Cyberman Cutaway]

  1. Breath Unit Supplies necessary oxygen to the Cyberman. It can be clogged by gold dust or if it hasn't been cleaned out in a while.
  2. Central Control Unit Which organises and executes all servo-motor movement.
  3. Sensory Unit Deals with output from visual aural sensors.
  4. A mutant. Yes, the Cybermen actually suffered the same fate as the Daleks. Their brains atrophied into cute, furry mutants.
  5. The Handles. Contain the wires from the mutant's control cap to the CCU.
  6. 'Ooze' hose. Pumps green fluid around to spray everywhere when damaged.
  7. Communication Antenna Rods.
  8. Air Out-take Vent.
  9. Internal Exo-Frame. Is connected to the upper arm shaft.
  10. Upper Arm Shaft. Is connected to the elbow hydro-joint.
  11. Elbow Hydro-joint. Is connected to the fore-arm shaft.
  12. Fore-arm Shaft. Is connected to... um... never mind.
  13. Arrrrgh. That number again.
  14. So there. I'll go away now.

This item appeared in TSV 33 (April 1993).

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