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By Paul Scoones

One of the greatest dilemmas I face as TSV Editor is how to cope with last minute news and developments as we prepare to go to print. Do I delay publishing the issue, or leave the items out? In the case of this issue, I opted for the latter. Sitting on my desk are review copies of The Highest Science and The Pit - but you won't find reviews of them in this issue because they only arrived in the post today and we're going to print tomorrow morning. I'm a fast reader - but not that fast!

Something that did arrive just in time was the very latest information on Red Dwarf VI, which was faxed to us just last week by David Bishop, our 'man-on-the-spot' in Britain. David has just become the first New Zealander to write a New Adventures novel and have it published by Virgin (in August 1993) - but the catch is that it's the first in the 'Judge Dredd: The New Adventures' series! Our warmest congratulations on your success anyway, David!

I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that we'd managed to transpose a couple of pages for the second time last issue. Fortunately, some copies were corrected before being sent out, and the rest will have received replacement pages with this issue.

Also enclosed with this issue is the voting form for the NZ SF Awards. The awards ceremony is being held at DefCON, which will be the largest SF convention ever held in NZ. It would be incredibly good publicity for the club if it won these awards, so please do fill out and send in your vote. Talking of Def CON, many NZDWFC members will be there, including myself so if you do go you'll be in good company. I'll be wearing a name badge, so why not come up and say hello? I'd really like to meet you. See you in June...

This item appeared in TSV 33 (April 1993).