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By Murray Jackson

New Zealand TV Times Weekly, 19 February 1968

Since appealing for articles that you folks have gleaned from the multitude of media existing here in little old New Zealand the response has been overwhelming - not!

One person - one person has replied to my appeal!

Thank you, Ian Davies of Massey here in Auckland, for sending me a swag of articles he had from the late sixties TV guide NZ TV Times Weekly. Although I had many of the articles Ian sent me, he added one or two which I had not been fortunate enough to find. I hope to eventually publish in these pages all of the material Ian and I have spotted in this neat little weekly from yesteryear.

The first Scrapbook article featured a piece on the making of The Tomb of the Cybermen which was one of several Who-related features to appear in the Weekly so I thought it was time to present a similar article on the making of The Ice Warriors.

[Image: constructing an Ice Warrior]

Next issue I hope to present a capsule review of the NZ TV Times Weekly itself as it was not only informative and unexpectedly accurate overall, but also in most ways, superior as a TV guide to the NZ Listener.

This item appeared in TSV 33 (April 1993).

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