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‘Time is Breaking Through’

By Phillip J Gray

They arrived. The woman glanced around, her sky blue dress rustling quietly as she walked slowly through an open doorway and into a small, poorly lit room. The man at her side tensed, as though he was listening to something. He shared with her an otherworldly quality, and his grey suit was of an indeterminate style.

They had come for a purpose. The woman watched her partner with detached interest. They were a team, chosen from among many - the only two suitable for a special role.

The woman was weary of her cumbersome frame and longed for the purity of her natural form. But this could not be. Like the man beside her, she had work to do.

‘It's going to be here.’ Her partner spoke quietly but firmly. ‘In this room.’ Nodding her assent, the woman joined the man in waiting.

After a pause, a groaning and wheezing sound filled the small chamber. The couple prepared themselves, as a large blue object began to appear on the other side of the room.

‘It's happening,’ said the man. ‘Time is breaking through.’

This item appeared in TSV 33 (April 1993).

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