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TSV 183

or Doctor Who - 30 Years On... a condensed run down of a TSV

By Alden Bates

Update: As the sixtieth anniversary approaches, the BBC has hinted that Doctor Who may finally have a new series. Negotiations for the Doctor Who movie continue. Rumours abound that a missing episode has been found in a time capsule.

In Print: The latest New Adventure, The Teaspoon With Only One Foot (#381), in which the Tenth Doctor and Splurk visit the Philadelphia Project, has arrived in New Zealand. Plot details suggest links with The Mind Robber, Castrovalva, Timewyrm: Revelation, Power of Kroll, Galaxy Four, The Gunfighters, The Hand of Fear and The Silurians.

The Leisure Hive: Organised is a video marathon of Thunderball video's latest season, the latest season of ST:TNG and the first season of Red Dwarf: The Next Generation across all 18 chapters.

The Space-Time Telegraph: A letters discussion of the New Adventures canon and the 34 year hiatus.

Galactic Junkmail: Jon Preddle has accidentally wiped his copy of Thunderball's season twelve.

Who Reviews: The New Adventures, The Target City of Death novelisation, and the latest TSV book: Revenge of Fenric.

Doctor's Dilemma: Jon Preddle explains New Adventures continuity, including the paradox from Blue-Rock-with-Porous-Texture.

TARDIS Tales: The Doctor and Saucer visit Gallifrey and end up detonating the planet to prevent the Ogrons from developing a race of intelligent grapes.

Other Articles:

Drahvin Race History: Based on Galaxy Four and the New Adventures novel Return to Galaxy Four.

Time Lord Game Additions: The Morbius Monster and the Chelonians (Based on the New Adventures novel: An Even Higher Science).

Jon Preddle's History of the World: The 1930's.

How to Build a Dalek Killing Machine: in three easy steps.

Rubber Robots: An article on the links between Spearhead from Space, The Android Invasion and Voord (non-fiction book).

This item appeared in TSV 33 (April 1993).