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Who-oops... Again!

Compiled by Jon Preddle

Judging by the letters and submissions, this column is getting more popular every day! Some submissions, however, are not quite what we are looking for, hence their non-inclusion. The criteria for a television 'Who-oops' is any technical errors, malfunctioning props, and line fluffs. From books, any interesting typographical errors (particularly those which change the meaning of the sentence) and inconsistencies in the same book. All submissions are verified for validation before being accepted in the column.

Blooper-spotters this issue: Murray Jackson, Thomas Whitby, Jeff Stone, Gary Russell, Paul Scoones, Jon Preddle.


The Dalek Invasion of Earth
[Flashpoint] Whilst infiltrating the Dalek HQ, the Doctor and Tyler are forced to press themselves on either side of a doorway as a procession of Daleks passes through. The last Dalek's eyestalk is pointing sideways, and should by rights see the Doctor, but it doesn't.
The Tenth Planet
[Episodes 1, 3] As everyone knows, this story was written by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis. However, according to the opening titles, part one was written by a 'Kitt Pedler', and part three by Kit Pedler and someone called 'Gerry Davies'!
The Evil of the Daleks
[Episode 2] In the first scene set in Maxtible's lab, Maxtible seemingly calls Edward Waterfield 'Whitefield'!
The Mind Robber
[Episode 1] As the Doctor pushes the 'white' Jamie and Zoe into the TARDIS console room, up on the TARDIS monitor the words 'PRODUCER PETER BRYANT' can be seen!
The Claws of Axos
[Episode Two] As the Brigadier and UNIT staff break out from where they've been held captive by the regular army the supposedly solid wall of the room they're in visibly moves as they race out the door.
[Episode Four] The TARDIS dematerialises from the Nuton Lab, and soon afterwards, the soldiers are shooting it out with invading Axons. During the gunfight, the TARDIS can still be seen in the room!
The Daemons
[Episode Three] When the Doctor and Jo are being chased by the helicopter they drive along the road in Bessie towards the heat barrier where the Brigadier is standing but on the other side waving at them. At the last moment, the Doctor swerves, and the helicopter explodes. At the conclusion of this sequence, the Doctor jumps onto a motorbike and rides off to see the Brigadier - whom by rights should only be a few feet away!
Invasion of the Dinosaurs
[Part Two] Mike Yates sabotages the Doctor's stun gun by placing a small silver disc beneath the barrel of the weapon. However, in the brief shot of the gun lying in the jeep before Yates picks it up the disc can be seen already in place - even though Mike hasn't placed it there yet!?
The Monster of Peladon
[Part Four] In several shots during the Doctor's fight with Ettis in the cave, it is clear that it is not Jon Pertwee but stunt man Terry Walsh. In one embarrassing moment, Walsh looks directly into the camera!
Planet of the Spiders
[Part Two] During the chase scene in this episode, the crew filmed Bessie, the Whomobile and the police car driving along a country road. In several shots the cars take different branches in a fork in the road. Although it is supposed to be a different stretch, it is obviously the same piece of road but filmed at different angles.
Pyramids of Mars
[Part Four] Sutekh sends the TARDIS key through the space/time tunnel to Scarman. When the key emerges from the sarcophagus the thread holding it up can be seen, and when the key 'lowers' into Scarman's hand, one end of the chain is still sticking up!
Destiny of the Daleks
[Episodes One-Four] The very poor condition of the Dalek casings is painfully apparent throughout this story - some casings are literally being held together by pieces of tape. One Dalek nearly falls to pieces as it moves, the top section sliding off the base only to fall back into place. In the scene where the Daleks are moving towards the Movellan spaceship, it is obvious that some Daleks are nothing more than dummies being "carried" by the occupant instead of moving on wheels.
Nightmare of Eden
[Part Two] When K9 seals up the wall panel at the beginning of this episode a hand emerges from the bottom of the hole and holds the panel in place.
The Leisure Hive
[Part One] During the scene at Brighton just before K9 gets blown up in the sea, the nylon strings pulling him across the beach are visible in some shots.


Doctor Who - Black Orchid
On page 105, the Doctor recalls "the Master's attempt to topple King John of England." Although the book was published after The King's Demons, in story order Black Orchid came first, so the Doctor had yet to experience this incident.
Doctor Who and the Underworld
On page 108, the Doctor is clutching a sword, however on page 109, Leela takes a sword from Idas, and gives it to the Doctor - so what happened to the sword the Doctor already had?
Doctor Who - Fury from the Deep
'Oxygen' is miss-spelled as 'oyxgen' seven times, from pages 35 to 42, even when the correct spelling appears on the same page!
Doctor Who and the Cybermen
A corrected typographical error appears on the spine of the second edition paperback of this book: 'Gerry Davis' has been spelt 'Gerry Davies', but this error was spotted before printing. If you look closely at the spine, the 'wrong' 'E' and 'S' are still visible.

This item appeared in TSV 33 (April 1993).

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