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Your Time Starts Now: Doctor Who Masterfan

At the National Science Fiction Convention held in Wellington over Queens Birthday Weekend 1993 Jon Preddle competed in - and won - 'Masterfan', a contest based closely on the 'Mastermind' TV show (on which Jon has previously appeared as well). His specialist topic was of course Doctor Who.

In his allotted 200 seconds (3 minutes, 10 seconds) Jon was asked the first 27 of the 32 prepared questions scored 20. See how well you do.

Your time starts now...

The Questions:

  1. Which of the Doctor's companions described herself as a 'mouth on legs'?
  2. Not normally affected by such mundane ailments, in which story does the Doctor get toothache?
  3. Sarah Jane Smith was a journalist. Which magazine did she write most of her material for?
  4. Pyramids of Mars and Image of the Fendahl were both filmed at the same mansion - 'Stargroves'. Name the rock star who owned this mansion.
  5. Early Cybermen wore 'Hush Puppies', but what did the Mutes from The Armageddon Factor wear?
  6. Name the first Doctor Who story which did not feature individual episode titles.
  7. Before he played the Doctor, Colin Baker had already played a role in a previous story. Name the character he played.
  8. In which story was the often-used prop, the sonic screwdriver, finally destroyed?
  9. Name the only story featuring Sylvester McCoy's Doctor that has not been novelised by the original script writer.
  10. As part of a web of deceit, the character Reegan uses a device to change a van's company affiliation. What did it change to?
  11. In what year was the first Doctor Who convention held in Great Britain?
  12. In The Krotons, the acronym HADS is used. What does it stand for?
  13. Name the actor from the TV series Blake's 7 who appeared in the episodes The Silurians and Timelash.
  14. Morris Barry directed the story The Tomb of the Cybermen and which previous Cyberman story?
  15. Janet Fielding was actually too short to be an airline flight attendant. In feet and inches, how tall is she?
  16. There is a visual anomaly on the paperback edition of the first Dalek novelisation. What is the nature of this peculiarity?
  17. In The Invasion of Time, what does the Doctor order his office walls covered with?
  18. In which story was the final appearance of the original TARDIS console prop?
  19. Overseas location filming was planned for the cancelled 23rd season. In which country was this to take place?
  20. New Zealand actress Ilona Rodgers appeared in an early Doctor Who story. Which one?
  21. What is the alpha-numeric specification of the new fuel variants in The Ambassadors of Death?
  22. What was the name of the Sontaran that the Doctor encountered in a story involving medieval England?
  23. How many parts made up the gestalt featured in the story Image of the Fendahl?
  24. Name the actress whose character's eyes change colour during her tenure on the show.
  25. Terry Nation was the author of several Doctor Who stories. What was the second one that he wrote?
  26. Which valuable material was to be found in abundance on the planet of the Sensorites?
  27. A famous Shakespearean actor not only appeared in Doctor Who; he also appeared in Quatermass and the Pit. Name that actor.
  28. In which story does Turlough say 'You must survive. Too many of your enemies would rejoice in your death'?
  29. Name the actor who played the title role in the story The Celestial Toymaker.
  30. Although he had earlier appeared in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD, what was Philip Madoc's debut story in the television series?
  31. Arriving on Tara, the Doctor sent Romana off to find the fourth segment of the Key to Time. What did the Doctor do?
  32. What device is used to control the weather in 2070?

The Answers:

  1. Tegan (Janet Fielding)
  2. The Celestial Toymaker (or The Gunfighters)
  3. Metropolitan
  4. Mick Jagger
  5. Doc Martens
  6. The Savages
  7. Commander Maxil
  8. The Visitation
  9. Battlefield
  10. Silcox Bakeries (from Heyhoe Ltd Launderers)
  11. 1977
  12. Hostile Action Displacement System
  13. Paul Darrow
  14. The Moonbase
  15. 5 feet, 2 inches
  16. The TARDIS is pink not blue
  17. Lead
  18. Inferno
  19. Singapore
  20. The Sensorites
  21. M-3
  22. Linx
  23. Thirteen (The Fendahl core + twelve fendahleen)
  24. Louise Jameson
  25. The Keys of Marinus
  26. Molybdenum
  27. Julian Glover
  28. The Caves of Androzani
  29. Michael Gough
  30. The Krotons
  31. He went fishing
  32. The Gravitron

This item appeared in TSV 34 (July 1993).