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By Murray Jackson

The first issue of New Zealand TV Times Weekly appeared in book stores countrywide with issue one dated May 9 1966.

The weekly was the first all-television publication to appear in New Zealand and presented a fairly even mix of features on American and British television.

The ever-present New Zealand Listener provided the closest competition and scored over the weekly in one important aspect. It was granted exclusive copyright to publish full details of the weekly programming schedule.

Nevertheless, the weekly, which is of similar size and design to the latter day TV Guide, lasted for three years with the last issue appearing 18 August 1969.

Listed below is a complete guide to the Doctor Who articles/pictures/letters that appeared in the New Zealand TV Times Weekly during its three year lifespan.

Once again, I am indebted to Ian Davies who loaned his entire collection of weeklies to me for the purpose of my research.

9 May 1966page 14 Picture of the Monoids from The Ark in an article entitled 'The Monster Trend'.
16 May 1966back cover Colour picture of William Hartnell as the Doctor.
27 Jun 1966page 21 Letter requesting the return of Doctor Who.
25 Jul 1966page 13 Picture of Ewen Solon from The Savages plus a small profile on the actor.
8 Aug 1966page 23 Another letter pleading for the programme's return.
22 Aug 1966page 22 You guessed it, another letter.
24 Oct 1966page 34 Picture from The Celestial Toymaker illustrates an article entitled 'Costume Design for Television'.
31 Oct 1966page 24-25 'The Strange Adventures of Doctor Who'. Two page pictorial on the Monoids from The Ark.
25 Sep 1967page 11 Small feature on Deborah Watling plus a portrait of her from The Evil of The Daleks.
16 Oct 1967page 44 Picture of Jamie and Victoria menaced by a Dalek from The Evil of the Daleks.
Oct 23 1967page 11 'Spectacular Set for TV Series'. A one page pictorial on the making of The Tomb of the Cybermen (see TSV 29).
18 Dec 1967page 44 Picture of Marius Goring as Theodore Maxtible from The Evil of the Daleks with a caption. (see below)
12 Feb 1968page 11 Picture of Peter Barkworth from The Ice Warriors plus a small profile on the actor.
19 Feb 1968page 24-25 'Creating a Monster According to Plan'. A pictorial on the making of The Ice Warriors (see TSV 33).
26 Feb 1968page 31-32 Profile on William Hartnell.
8 Apr 1968page 47 Picture of Jack Watling from The Abominable Snowmen plus a profile on the actor.
15 Apr 1968page 11 Picture of William Hartnell as the Doctor plus a group of Technics from The Daleks' Master Plan.
17 Jun 1968page 22 Picture of William Hartnell and George Cooper from The Smugglers plus a profile on Hartnell.
29 Jul 1968page 15 Picture of Wendy Padbury as Zoe plus a caption announcing she is replacing Deborah Watling in the series.
3 Mar 1969page 28 A letter bemoaning the return of the 'badly produced' Doctor Who to local screens.

New Zealand TV Times Weekly 18 December 1967

And there you have it. As promised, a complete review of Doctor Who appearances in the New Zealand TV Times Weekly. Next issue: a leap from the sixties into the eighties.

This item appeared in TSV 34 (July 1993).

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