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'He is now the proprietor of, notably, a yellow and grey deerstalker, a black homburg, a digger's slouch hat and a broad-brimmed black felt number like Dr Who's.'

from Home Sweet Home by Judy Johnson, in Home Beautiful magazine, December 1978.
(submitted by Leigh Hendry)

'...some examples of the exciting use to which ancient monuments have been put can be found in media ranging from Doctor Who with the Ogri and, worse, the Daemons...'

from The Ley of the Land - An Investigation of Ancient Monuments by Graham Staplehurst, in White Dwarf (a gaming magazine).
(submitted by Morgan Davie)

[Graffiti File clipping]

from The Graffiti File by Nigel Rees
(submitted by Jeff Stone)

'Well, some wargamers I know play out fictional campaigns using historically correct armies. They look on this as fantasy gaming - as in reality Caesar's legions could never have fought the French at Agincourtl Unless they had a very large TARDIS of course.'

from Fantasy Battles in GM (the independent fantasy roleplaying magazine) issue 4, December 1988, p.74.
(submitted by Kirk Moore)

[Alien World clipping]

from The Alien World - a UFO book by various authors, page 85.
(submitted by Jeff Stone)

'Although no scientific research has been done into the responses of the audience, I have asked several people who are apparently fans of these soap operas what they thought of the material and generally they were dismissive. The comment that seems most typical of their attitude was one person who said they thought their children had sat on the remote control of the TV set and tuned over to Dr Who by accident!'

from a UFO book called The UFO Encyclopaedia compiled and edited by John Spencer. The extract comes from an entry on the TV series The Colbys which used a UFO kidnapping storyline towards the end of the show's run.
(submitted by Jeff Stone)

[Smash Hits clipping]

from the 'New Singles' review column in Smash Hits (teen music magazine), 17 March 1993.
(submitted by Tim Beverstock)

'...and when you step into this Doctor Who pod you get taken into virtual reality...'

from the TV 1 news, 9 April 1993.
(submitted by Tim Hill)

[Magnet clipping]

from the Wellington Polytechnic's Student Handbook, 1993.
(submitted by Iain Stewart)

'If he kept his answers short and pertinent. it was still more than possible to pass. So far, so good. What would be slightly trickier was cramming a whole month's revision into minus thirty-five minutes. Thirty-five minutes was hard enough, but minus thirty-five minutes - well, you'd have to be Dr Who.'

from Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers by Grant Naylor, 1989, pg 80
(submitted by Jessica Smiler)

[Whizzer and Chips]

from Whizzer & Chips comic (issue number and date unknown).
(submitted by Isaac Thomas)

A schoolboy science fiction fan was found hanged after his parents said they were disappointed with his GCSE results an inquest heard last week. They were worried Thomas O'Gorman, 16, from Brighton, Sussex, watched Dr Who shows instead of studying, so they sent back his rented video. There had been a "bad atmosphere" on the morning the video was to go back, the Brighton hearing was told.
Sara O'Gorman, the boy's mother, was too ill to give evidence, but said in a statement read to the court that she found her son hanging from the banisters by a curtain cord when she returned from work.
Coroner Dr Donald Gooding recorded an open verdict, saying he could not believe anyone would kill himself over anything so trivial.

from International Express, 21-28/10/92
(submitted by Iain Stewart)

[Public Domain clipping]

from Public Domain, a computer magazine, issue 7, June 1992.
(submitted by Matthew Akersten)

'... and for so many of them the art class was just an opportunity to bunk off or mess around or generally do nothing serious. How was he supposed to put across to them that art was observation, art was the captured stuff of life? They thought they had eyes but they didn't. They saw nothing. Back at the end of the previous term, he thought that he'd struck a glimmer of understanding in one or two; he'd set the class to draw from memory an old-style telephone box, of which there was one right outside the gates. They passed it every day. Some of them had probably even vandalised it. But nobody could get the shape of it, or get the windows right. One boy even put a light on the top of his, like the police box in Doctor Who.'

from: Nightmare, With Angel by Stephen Gallagher (NEL 1992), pg 36. Gallagher of course wrote Warriors' Gate and Terminus.
(submitted by Paul Scoones)

An April edition of the Australian gardening programme Burke's Backyard had a feature on the Wizard of Christchurch. To the accompaniment of the early 1980s Doctor Who theme tune, the Wizard's blue Volkswagen materialised in Christchurch's Cathedral Square, and the Wizard was interviewed, the music continuing throughout.
(submitted by Adam McGechan)

More Auntie's Bloomers, a recently-made BBC bloopers show, screened in NZ 3 May 1993, was presented by Terry Wogan and featured a desert island set littered with paraphernalia from past TV series. Wogan points out a couple of items - including the TARDIS police box lying on its side in a corner. The TARDIS also gets a mention at the end of the show as the means by which the Director General of the BBC from 1956 communicates with the present day, according to Wogan!
(submitted by Paul Scoones)

[School Report clipping 1]
[School Report clipping 2][School Report clipping 3]

from a book called Tutankhamun is a Bit of a Mummy's Boy ... and 50 Other Unpublished School Reports by Michael Coleman, which features hypothetical school reports for fictional and historical characters such as Captain Kirk, Florence Nightingale, Leonardo da Vinci, and of course Doctor Who and a Dalek. The first item is the Doctor Who report; the second is the Dalek report; the third is from an index at the back of the book which purports to tell you who these people actually are(!); and the last item is a Doctor Who reference from a general knowledge test included in Desperate Dan's school report.
(submitted by Jessica Smiler)

[TV Guide clipping]

TV GUIDE, April 16, 1993
(submitted by Jeff Stone, Robert Fleming, Ehren Stowers)

[Salient cover]

The front cover, and an excerpt from the contents page, of the 26 April 1993 edition of Salient, Wellington University's student newspaper. The letter was published a week later.
(submitted by Paul Rigby, Adrian Humphis, Craig Young, Jeff Stone)

[Salient excerpt]
[Salient letter]

Alden: I owned up to writing the letter in TSV 35's letter's column!

This item appeared in TSV 34 (July 1993).

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