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Time Lord Game Additions

By Justin Reynolds


The Terileptils are a highly advanced warrior race with an artistic streak. Their empire spreads across several systems, and only their strong code of honour has prevented them overrunning the galaxy. The highly ordered, ritualistic society of the Terileptils produces a large proportion of misfits who are unable to cope with such a restrictive life. These disruptive influences are dealt with harshly.

Standing about the same height as humans, the bipedal Terileptils are heavily built and reptilian in appearance. Their colouration spans the spectrum, and varies widely from individual to individual. Terileptils have bullet shaped heads with large jaws filled with small but sharp teeth. Their skin of their faces is molded into waves, within which are set dark, round eyes. Around their necks and the backs of their heads are impressive frills of ragged skin. Their bodies are covered in scales, small on the belly and limbs, and large over the back. The limbs betray the amphibious ancestry of the creatures - the stumpy arms have clearly developed from flippers, with thin flaps of skin joining them to the body like the webbed feet of a frog. Terileptils speak with hissing voices, and breathe heavily in earthlike environments.

War is considered to be the sole purpose of life by many Terileptils. Dying in battle is the only honourable end to their lives. Fortunately, they follow strict rules of conduct. Strategies such as spying or sabotage are totally unacceptable, and dishonourable enemies are dealt with mercilessly. Terileptils who break the code of honour are punished harshly. The most severe cases are imprisoned for life in the tinclavic mines of Raaga. Life is not likely to be very long.


Terileptils carry powerful, compact blasters that inflict 8 Wounds when set to kill, or 4 Wounds on stun. However, their most dangerous weapons are Androids. Terileptils are experts in robotics, and their Androids are almost indestructible. Treat them as Robots, but with the modifications of Wounds 8 blasters, full Armour 9, Strength 5 and Control 3. Like much of Terileptil technology, their gem studded Androids are works of art as much as tools.

Control bracelets are used on particularly dangerous Terileptil criminals. Putting on a bracelet has the effect of a Determination 9 hypnotism attack. The bracelet wearer will obey commands relayed through the bracelet control centre until it is removed, and is unable to act independently. The bracelet may have to make further hypnotism attacks to retain control if events give the victim extra motive to resist the influence.


Although they are intelligent warriors, Terileptils do not have the great physical power of many warlike species. Humans stand a reasonable chance in unarmed combat with them. The atmosphere of their home world is rich in soliton gas. They find it difficult to breathe in the earthlike atmosphere favoured by most species. Soliton is a green gas that becomes dangerously inflammable when mixed freely with oxygen. It is not toxic, though humans do become uncomfortable in environments with high soliton gas content.


The scales of the Terileptils provide them with full Armour 3.

[Terileptil Game Sheet]


The Axos are huge, space dwelling scavengers. They roam the galaxy searching for worlds to devour in their endless quest for sustenance. Few forces are able to withstand them, and they are responsible for a large number of the dead planets and lost civilisations that abound in the universe. Axos have virtually no contact with each other in their long lives, and some have even forgotten that others of their kind exist.

An Axos resembles an enormous orange-gold leech. The interior is riddled with passages and caverns, all filled with tentacles and tendrils. At the core ofAxos is a giant green eye on a flexible stalk. This the focus of the creature's intelligence, and the place where captives are brought for examination.

Because they exist four dimensionally, an Axos is able to send out pieces of itself to explore, perform tasks, and interact with other species. While appearing to be individuals, these Axons are actually just parts of a single organism. They remain in direct contact with the main body at all times. The basic form of an Axon is a vaguely humanoid mass of writhing red tentacles.

The life of an Axos consists mainly of long periods alone in space, interspersed with brief landings on fertile planets to feed. The nutrition cycle of Axos completely devastates a planet, draining it of all life and energy. To feed, the Axos must spread axonite (a kind of dormant Axon) across the surface of the planet. Seventy-two hours after landing, the axonite must be activated and the nutrition cycle begins. Axos and the Axons drain all the energy from the world, first major power sources, and then living things. They prefer to feast on worlds with intelligent life - as well as creating rich sources of energy, technologically advanced races can often be tricked into distributing the axonite for Axos, saving it a great deal of energy.


The primary weapon of Axos are the Axons. These creatures can lash out with deadly tentacles charged with electricity. The maximum charge inflicts 8 Wounds, but a reduced shock that causes 4 Wounds can be used if prisoners are wanted. Axons can shape-change into a form resembling the dominant native life to make themselves seem less threatening. This form is stylised, and retains the gold and orange colour of Axos. It is possible for Axos to create an exact duplicate of a prisoner held in the core, but this is not often done as the original's personality and behaviour cannot be copied.

Axos can drain the life force from any living thing, causing it to age and wither. The process can be reversed before the death of the victim, but there is seldom any reason to do this. Most other energy sources can be absorbed as well, and Axons can transmit energy directly back to the main body of the Axos.

Axos possess an extremely limited form of time travel capability. They can only jump a few moments into the past of future, and only as a complete unit. Axons cannot do this on their own. Developing this ability further is a major goal for Axos.


An Axos is composed of a very tough substance, giving it full Armour 9 inside and out. In addition, it buries itself in the ground upon arrival on a planet, and remains there until the nutrition cycle begins. This makes it virtually impossible to harm.


The Axos nutrition cycle depends upon an extremely rigid time frame, and if this could be disrupted the energy gained from consuming the planet would be severely diminished. This could potentially weaken the Axos enough to prevent it reaching its next victim.

Certain small nerve centres inside an Axos are especially vulnerable to attack. If the Size 6.target can be hit, localised disruption of the creature's nervous system occurs. This prevents it from taking action against anyone in the area until it recovers.

The limited telepathic ability of Axos makes them susceptible to mental attack. Also, mental disorders and multiple personalities may develop as a result of the parasite's divisibility. It is sometimes possible to harm Axos as a whole by attacking one of its weaker sub units, because of the link that always exists between them.

Mind Reading [Determination]

Axos are able to read the minds of their prisoners. The ability can only be used on captives actually held in the core of the Axos, and it is limited in effect. The information gained is generally vague, but specific information can be read if the captive is concentrating on it. Most barriers to memory and mind reading can be overcome.

[Axon Game Sheet]

This item appeared in TSV 34 (July 1993).

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