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by Peter Darvill-Evans

Book review by David Lawrence

The one I'd been waiting for, and well, I have to say I was expecting a little better from Pater Darvill Evans. The book is very good, but I was probably hoping for another Revelation. At last we get some answers to the problems as far back as the beginning of the New Adventures series - and we get Ace back! The plot seems to have ripped off Apocalypse in several respects, and the inclusion of Abslom Daak was totally insane. Let's pray we never see him in a Doctor Who book again!

Book review by Morgan Davie

Not the best book; but still fun, mostly because Ace is back and Abslom Daak is after her body. These two provide most of the entertainment in the novel; especially the Rambo-esque behaviour of the Dalek-Killer.

The Doctor and Bernice are another story. They don't even see each other for the first half of the book, and their activities in that half seemed forced and pretty tedious. They don't seem to do terribly much until Ace and Daak unite with them. Not a problem in itself, but considering their lesser role, perhaps some of the pages they occupy should have been shaved?

Deceit occupies a pivotal position in the New Adventures series; it reintroduces Ace, ties up the dangling bits from past stories, and sets the pace for the future. Darvill-Evans is eminently qualified to do this book; he doesn't do it as well as many other writers would; but his style is readable and his knowledge of the series impeccable.

Overall an essential addition to any collection; sadly this is mainly due to Ace returning and Daak guesting, rather than the book being stunning in its own right. But it is not a novel to be sneered at, either; it should make you very happy.

This item appeared in TSV 35 (September 1993).

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