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Discovering Who

By Alden Bates

Considering my current situation, before I discovered Doctor Who, I must have had no personality at all. Never mind. Let's start by entering this homemade time machine...

1980 sometime. Gosh, that long ago? My family relocated to Totara Park (a suburb in Upper Hutt). Sometime after this, I began watching the occasional episode of Doctor Who. Incoherent memories include the TARDIS shrinking while Adric shrieks 'But the Doctor's in there!', snatches of Castrovalva and other early Davison stories. By Mawdryn Undead, this had escalated to avid viewing. A friend at the time had a small (by today's standards) of novels and a bunch of DWMs.

1985 sometime. The Doctor's back. Of course, I knew all about Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee from Upper Hutt Library's collection of Dicks (most of which they recently chucked out), and from my aforementioned friend (who has since apparently given up on Doctor Who). Trouble on a trip to Napier - almost missed an episode of The Mutants. In those days, my favourite threat was to commit suicide by leaping off the roof, on missing an episode.

1988 November: the anniversary week. Stunned by the Silver Nemesis opening sequence. Finally saw Doctor Who and the Daleks. The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Seeds of Death were also excellent (failed to tape Dalek Invasion for dad due to the fact that the video was on the wrong channel. Harsh words were apparently said out of my earshot).

On the way back to present day, I'll bring you up to date. 1990: It was around this time that I heard about the NZDWFC and TSV via the TV Guide. Ian Bisset brought several copies of TSV along to the Upper Hutt SF Club. By the time I'd saved up enough for the subscription, it was 1991.

TSV 23 arrived. Hold on, I thought, why didn't someone tell me about this sooner? I had almost ended up joining a British club because I didn't have a New Zealand address. How many other closet Doctor Who fans are out there, I wonder.

This item appeared in TSV 35 (September 1993).

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