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By Paul Scoones

I guess that by now you'll have all heard the disappointing news of the special's cancellation. The irksome thing about it all from my point of view is that it was cancelled just before TSV was sent out, and although the news didn't filter down until the following week, if we'd waited just that little bit longer, we'd have never got everyone's hopes up in the first place.

In the weeks following the cancellation, I've seen the opinion expressed that if it couldn't be made for the 30th anniversary, then Doctor Who is effectively dead. This view strikes me as not only rather pessimistic, but also extremely narrow-minded. In the four years it has been off air, Doctor Who has gone from strength to strength, and is now extended way beyond its original medium. The obvious example is the New Adventures series - for the first time ever, we can experience a brand new Doctor Who story every month of the year! Furthermore, these are soon to be joined by a second set of novels. Doctor Who Magazine has never been stronger in its coverage of the show's past history and current developments. Furthermore, there's at least one new Doctor Who video tape on the shelves every month - and by my reckoning, there's at least 70 more potential video releases in what's left in the BBC Archives. Somewhat paradoxically, Doctor Who is as alive now as it ever was; it is, in my firm opinion, a very exciting time to be a follower of Doctor Who.

This issue comes just two months after its predecessor - and goes to the printers only six days after the deadline. So if you can't locate that last-minute submission you sent in within these pages, then chances are it didn't arrive in time and will have to wait for next issue. The reason for this unprecedented promptness is that I am hoping to have another issue out in time for the 30th Anniversary. In fact, I want members to have just received their issue by 'the day', 23 November. TSV 36 will be something of a celebratory issue, and I'd like to hear and read all your ideas on how to make it particularly special. I've already got a few pieces lined up, but there's heaps of room for more - so get writing and drawing!

I had hoped to review every new book up to and including Iceberg for this issue, but I am still waiting on a parcel of review copies from Virgin Publishing. Consequently, the only review you'll find of a book that isn't already available in this issue is one of The Evil of the Daleks, as Virgin's Export Sales Manager Graham Eames very kindly supplied us with a copy when he visited in mid-July.

Sales of the New Adventures novels have been slow over the last couple of months and I believe that at least part of the reason for this is that we haven't had the full series on offer - until now. Yes folks, at long last you too can own a full set of New Adventures novels. Check out our latest, re-vamped TSV Catalogue!

Over the last few days, we have received correspondence from a few people who are displeased with us for not - in their view - giving the recent Christchurch convention, CyberCon'93, enough support. This comes as quite a surprise to me, as we actually gave CyberCon as much support as was requested of us by its committee. The only reason we didn't attend the event itself was that we simply couldn't afford the airfare. These letters have come from individuals who attended the convention and not, I feel I should point out, committee members. It is important to remember that the Christchurch Chapter, and not the club as a whole, ran the convention. Despite these gripes, I hear the convention went very well - congratulations to all concerned.

Finally, I'd just like to draw your attention to some of the highlights of this issue, such as the fascinating article by Kate Orman on how she wrote a New Adventure, the 'inside information' in In Print, and the treat for fans of TARDIS Tales...

Read and enjoy!


This item appeared in TSV 35 (September 1993).