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Time Lord Game Additions

By Justin Reynolds


Frobisher is a Whifferdill, a shape-shifting species native to the planet Xenon. Before meeting the Doctor, he was working as a private investigator under the name Avan Tarklu. In his natural form, he is a short, hairless humanoid with pale skin. Apart from his eyes, his head is completely smooth and featureless. He wore a pinstripe suit, trench coat, and glasses. However, during a trip to Antarctica he changed into a large penguin, and has adopted that form semi-permanently for 'personal reasons'.

The two things most sought after by Frobisher are parties and fish. As a penguin, he quite happily swallows raw fish, but prefers chocolate pilchards whenever he can get them. He is happiest dancing and drinking the night away at a big party, or something else equally exciting (as long as it isn't too dangerous). When nothing much is happening, the Whifferdill gets bored, and he sometimes loses his temper when things go wrong. Frobisher has a strong sense of humour, and a very informal attitude. He is seldom considered much of a threat by the Doctor's foes, which can be useful.

Despite an unpromising first meeting, Frobisher quickly developed a close friendship with the sixth Doctor. His original intention to hand the Doctor over to Mr Dogbolter was rapidly forgotten by both parties. Frobisher has a particular fondness for Peri, and although the relationship is a little one sided they make a good team. After Peri left and the Doctor regenerated, Frobisher soon decided to settle down. Although still liking the new Doctor, they no longer had as much fun, and he felt that the Doctor didn't have any need for him any more.

Whifferdills have quite phenomenal shape-shifting powers. They can change form and size at will, with very little effort. Anything the Whifferdill has seen can be accurately duplicated, including fully functional hi-tech devices. However, any power needed by such a device must be drained from the Whifferdill's life force, so they are very reluctant to change into say, a laser cannon. Also, computer programs cannot be easily created, so devices needing sophisticated control systems will not work. Frobisher is currently suffering from chronic mono-morphia, however. The effects of this disease are erratic, but he is frequently stuck in Penguin form for weeks, and at other times his powers are likely to fail when placed under any strain.

Suitable companions: the Sixth Doctor, Peri.

[Frobisher Game Sheet]


'Professor' Bernice Surprise Summerfield is a 25th century archaeologist. Although she has developed a high standing within the academic community, Benny does not actually hold the qualifications she claims. In fact, her education was gained at a military academy which she was sent to after the loss of her parents in the Second Dalek War. She failed utterly to fit in at the academy, and eventually deserted the armed forces all together, joining an archaeological team. Despite her lack of formal training, there is no doubt that Benny is at least the equal of any of her colleagues.

Benny copes well with unusual situations, and adapts to her situation quickly. At least on the surface, she often takes things less than seriously. Gloating villains find her attitude very irritating, and her wit can get her in to trouble. Underneath, though, she isn't as confident as she likes to appear. Benny does not trust easily, and puts her career ahead of relationships. This is due to her first boyfriend betraying her to the authorities at the academy. However, she is generally friendly and easy going, except with the military, whom she is often rather contemptuous of.

The Doctor's relationship with Bernice is much more equal than many of those with his previous companions. She does not always trust his motives, and will not allow him to manipulate her, but they usually get on pretty well. Travelling in the TARDIS is a wonderful opportunity to see the past as it really was. Her favourite areas of history are twentieth century Earth, and the Mars of the Ice Warriors. Benny also has a secret hope of finding her father in the course of their journeys. Although she realises he is probably dead, she can never quite give up hope.

Tall, slim, and athletic, Benny almost always dresses in sensible outfits - boots, trousers and a jumper or jacket. She keeps her black hair cropped short, a style that suits her triangular, sharp chinned face. Her eyes are a deep shade of blue, and she often wears large earrings, her only concession to impractical fashion. However, she occasionally succumbs to the temptation of wearing a really lavish ball gown.

Suitable companions: the Seventh Doctor, Ace.

[Benny Game Sheet]

This item appeared in TSV 35 (September 1993).

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