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Doctor Who Story Guide

Compiled by Paul Scoones

Dates given are first UK transmissions. Each story title is preceded by its BBC production code and number of episodes (UK transmission format).


23 November 1963 - 12 September 1964

A4An Unearthly Child (or: 100,000 BC)
B7The Daleks (or: The Mutants)
C2The Edge of Destruction (or: Inside The Spaceship)
D7Marco Polo
E6The Keys of Marinus
F4The Aztecs
G6The Sensorites
H6The Reign of Terror

Notes: B was later remade as the 1965 cinema film Dr. Who and the Daleks with Peter Cushing as the Doctor.
Regulars: the First Doctor (William Hartnell); Susan (Carole Ann Ford); Ian Chesterton (William Russell) and Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill).
Introducing: the Daleks (B). Target titles: A: An Unearthly Child; B: The Daleks C: The Edge of Destruction.


31 October 1964 - 24 July 1965

J3Planet of Giants
K6The Dalek Invasion of Earth
L2The Rescue
M4The Romans
N6The Web Planet
P4The Crusade
Q4The Space Museum
R6The Chase
S4The Time Meddler

Notes: K was remade as the 1966 cinema film Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD, with Peter Cushing as the Doctor.
Regulars: the First Doctor; Susan (J, K); Ian and Barbara (J-R); Vicki (Maureen O'Brien) (L-S); Steven Taylor (Peter Purves) (R, S).
Introducing: the Meddling Monk (Peter Butterworth) (S).
Returning: the Daleks (K, Q, R).
Target titles: N: The Zarbi; P: The Crusaders.


11 September 1965 - 16 July 1966

T4Galaxy 4
T/A1Mission to the Unknown
U4The Myth Makers
V12The Daleks' Master Plan
W4The Massacre (or: The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve)
X4The Ark
Y4The Celestial Toymaker
Z4The Gunfighters
AA4The Savages
BB4The War Machines

Notes: T/A is the first and only story which does not feature the Doctor or his companions. AA is the first story to feature an overall story title on screen. Previously, individual episode titles were used. BB is the first story set entirely in modern day London.
Regulars: the First Doctor (T, U-BB); Steven (T, U-AA); Vicki (T, U); Katarina (Adrienne Hill) (U, V); Sara Kingdom (Jean Marsh) (V); Dodo Chaplet (Jackie Lane) (W-BB); Ben Jackson (Michael Craze) and Polly (Anneke Wills) (BB).
Returning: The Daleks (T/A, V); the Meddling Monk (V).
Target titles: T/A & V Parts 1-6: Mission to the Unknown; V Parts 7-12: The Mutation of Time; W: The Massacre.


10 September 1966 - 1 July 1967

CC4The Smugglers
DD4The Tenth Planet
EE6The Power of the Daleks
FF4The Highlanders
GG4The Underwater Menace
HH4The Moonbase
JJ4The Macra Terror
KK6The Faceless Ones
LL7The Evil of the Daleks

Notes: DD features the Doctor's first regeneration. JJ sees the introduction of a new title sequence.
Regulars: the First Doctor (CC, DD); the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) (EE-LL); Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines) (FF-LL); Ben and Polly (CC-KK); Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling) (LL).
Introducing: the Cybermen (DD)
Returning: the Daleks (EE, LL); the Cybermen (HH).
Target titles: HH: The Cybermen.


2 September 1967 - 1 June 1968

MM4The Tomb of the Cybermen
NN6The Abominable Snowmen
OO6The Ice Warriors
PP6The Enemy of the World
QQ6The Web of Fear
RR6Fury from the Deep
SS6The Wheel in Space

Regulars: the Second Doctor; Victoria (MM-RR); Zoe Herriot (Wendy Padbury) (SS).
Introducing: the Yeti (NN), the Ice Warriors (OO); Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) (QQ).
Returning: the Cybermen (MM, SS); the Yeti (QQ).


10 August 1968 - 21 June 1969

TT5The Dominators
UU5The Mind Robber
VV8The Invasion
WW4The Krotons
XX6The Seeds of Death
YY6The Space Pirates
ZZ10The War Games

Notes: In ZZ the Doctor's origins are revealed and the (unnamed) Time Lord planet is seen for the first time.
Regulars: the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe.
Introducing: UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) and Corporal Benton (VV).
Returning: The Cybermen (VV); Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (VV); the Ice Warriors (XX).


3 January - 20 June 1970

AAA4Spearhead from Space
BBB7Doctor Who and the Silurians
CCC7The Ambassadors of Death

Notes: This was the first season to be made in colour, and sees the introduction of a new title sequence. The Doctor is exiled to Earth and becomes scientific advisor to UNIT.
Regulars: the Third Doctor; Liz Shaw (Caroline John); the Brigadier.
Introducing: the Autons (AAA); the Silurians (BBB).
Returning: Sergeant Benton (CCC, DDD).
Target titles: AAA: The Auton Invasion; BBB: The Cave Monsters.


2 January - 19 June 1971

EEE4Terror of the Autons
FFF6The Mind of Evil
GGG4The Claws of Axos
HHH6Colony in Space
JJJ5The Daemons

Regulars: the Third Doctor; Jo Grant (Katy Manning); the Brigadier.
Introducing: the Master (Roger Delgado) and Captain Mike Yates (Richard Franklin) (EEE).
Returning: the Autons (EEE); the Master (FFF-JJJ); Mike Yates (FFF, GGG, JJJ); Benton and UNIT (EEE-GGG, JJJ)
Target titles: HHH: The Doomsday Weapon.


1 January - 24 June 1972

KKK4Day of the Daleks
MMM4The Curse of Peladon
LLL6The Sea Devils
NNN6The Mutants
OOO6The Time Monster

Regulars: the Third Doctor and Jo Grant.
Introducing: the Ogrons (KKK); Alpha Centauri and Aggedor (MMM); the Sea Devils (LLL).
Returning: the Brigadier, Mike Yates, Benton and UNIT (KKK, OOO); the Daleks (KKK); the Ice Warriors (MMM); the Master (LLL, OOO).


30 December 1972 - 23 June 1973

RRR4The Three Doctors
PPP4Carnival of Monsters
QQQ6Frontier in Space
SSS6Planet of the Daleks
TTT6The Green Death

Notes: RRR marks the tenth anniversary with a 'multi-Doctor' story. The Doctor's exile also ends in this story.
Regulars: the Third Doctor and Jo Grant.
Introducing: Omega (RRR).
Returning: the First Doctor and the Second Doctor (RRR); the Brigadier, Benton and UNIT (RRR, TTT); Mike Yates (TTT); the Master and the Ogrons (QQQ), the Daleks (QQQ, SSS).
Target titles: QQQ: The Space War.


15 December 1973 - 8 June 1974

UUU4The Time Warrior
WWW6Invasion of the Dinosaurs
XXX4Death to the Daleks
YYY6The Monster of Peladon
ZZZ6Planet of the Spiders

Notes: A new title sequence first appears in UUU and the Doctor's home planet is named as Gallifrey.
Regulars: the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen).
Introducing: the Sontarans (UUU).
Returning: the Brigadier and UNIT (UUU, WWW, ZZZ); Benton and Mike Yates (WWW, ZZZ); the Daleks (XXX); the Ice Warriors, Alpha Centauri and Aggedor (MMM).
Target titles: WWW: The Dinosaur Invasion


28 December 1974 - 10 May 1975

4C4The Ark in Space
4B2The Sontaran Experiment
4E6Genesis of the Daleks
4D4Revenge of the Cybermen

Notes: 4A features the introduction of a modified title sequence.
Regulars: the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker); Sarah Jane Smith; Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter).
Introducing: Davros (4E).
Returning: the Brigadier, Warrant Officer Benton and UNIT (4A); the Sontarans (4B); the Daleks (4E); the Cybermen (4D).
Target titles: 4A: The Giant Robot.


30 August 1975 - 6 March 1976

4F4Terror of the Zygons
4H4Planet of Evil
4G4Pyramids of Mars
4J4The Android Invasion
4K4The Brain of Morbius
4L6The Seeds of Doom

Regulars: the Fourth Doctor; Sarah Jane Smith; Harry Sullivan (4F).
Returning: the Brigadier (4F); UNIT (4F, 4J, 4L); Benton (4F, 4J); Harry Sullivan (4J).
Target titles: 4F: The Loch Ness Monster.


4 September 1976 - 2 April 1977

4M4The Masque of Mandragora
4N4The Hand of Fear
4P4The Deadly Assassin
4Q4The Face of Evil
4R4The Robots of Death
4S6The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Regulars: the Fourth Doctor; Sarah Jane Smith (4M, 4N); Leela (Louise Jameson) (4Q-4S).
Introducing: Borusa (4P).
Returning: the Master (Peter Pratt) (4P).


3 September 1977 - 11 March 1978

4V4Horror of Fang Rock
4T4The Invisible Enemy
4X4Image of the Fendahl
4W4The Sun Makers
4Z6The Invasion of Time

Regulars: the Fourth Doctor; Leela; K9 (John Leeson) (4T, 4W-4Z).
Returning: The Sontarans and Borusa (4Z).


2 September 1978 - 24 February 1979

5A4The Ribos Operation
5B4The Pirate Planet
5C4The Stones of Blood
5D4The Androids of Tara
5E4The Power of Kroll
5F6The Armageddon Factor

Notes: 5C is the 100th story; 5F Part 1 is the 500th episode. The entire season is taken up with a quest for the six segments of the Key to Time.
Regulars: the Fourth Doctor; Romana (Mary Tamm); K9 (5A-5D, 5F).
Introducing: The White Guardian (5A); the Black Guardian (5F).
Missing Targets: 5B has never been officially novelised.


1 September 1979 - 12 January 1980

5J4Destiny of the Daleks
5H4City of Death
5G4The Creature from the Pit
5K4Nightmare of Eden
5L4The Horns of Nimon

Notes: 5H was filmed in Paris, the first time a story was made outside the UK and is also the highest-rated story. 5M was abandoned mid-way through production and never finished or televised, but was released on BBC Video, with linking narration.
Regulars: the Fourth Doctor; Romana (Lalla Ward); K9 (David Brierley) (5G-5M).
Returning: Davros and the Daleks (5J).
Missing Targets: 5H and 5M have never been officially novelized.


30 August 1980 - 21 March 1981

5N4The Leisure Hive
5R4Full Circle
5P4State of Decay
5S4Warriors' Gate
5T4The Keeper of Traken

Notes: 5N sees the introduction of a new title sequence and a rearranged theme tune.
Regulars: the Fourth Doctor; Romana (5N-5S); K9 (John Leeson) (5N-5S); Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) (5R-5V); Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) (5T-5V); Tegan (5V). Returning: the Master (Geoffrey Beevers) (5T), the Master (Anthony Ainley) (5T, 5V).


28 December 1981

1K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend

Notes: A 50 minute spin-off special that does not feature the Doctor.
Regulars: Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and K9 (John Leeson).


4 January - 30 March 1982

5W4Four to Doomsday
5X4The Visitation
6A2Black Orchid

Notes: 5Z features the introduction of a modified title sequence. 6A is the first purely historical story for many years. The sonic screwdriver is destroyed in 5X.
Regulars: the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), Adric (5Z-6B), Tegan, Nyssa.
Introducing: the Mara (5Y).
Returning: the Master (5Z, 6C), the Cybermen (6B)


3 January - 16 March 1983

6E4Arc of Infinity
6F4Mawdryn Undead
6J2The King's Demons

Notes: 6E was filmed on location in Amsterdam. The season was cut short due to industrial action and the last story, featuring the Daleks, was held over for Season 21, where it became 6P.
Regulars: the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa (6E-6G), Turlough (Mark Strickson) (6F-6J).
Introducing: Kamelion (voiced by Gerald Flood) (6J).
Returning: Omega and Borusa (6E), the Mara (6D), the Brigadier (6F), the Black Guardian (6F-6H), the White Guardian (6H), the Master (6J).


25 November 1983

6K1The Five Doctors

Notes: 6K was a 90-minute 20th anniversary special. The special was first screened in the USA on 23 November 1983. The First Doctor was recast and the Fourth Doctor and Romana only appeared in clips from 5M.
Regulars: the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough.
Returning: the First Doctor (Richard Hurndall), Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Susan, Jamie, Zoe, the Brigadier, Liz Shaw, Mike Yates, Sarah Jane Smith, Romana (Lalla Ward), K9 (John Leeson), the Master, Borusa, a Dalek, Cybermen, and a Yeti.


5 January - 30 March 1984

6L4Warriors of the Deep
6M2The Awakening
6P2Resurrection of the Daleks
6Q4Planet of Fire
6R4The Caves of Androzani
6S4The Twin Dilemma

Notes: 6P has 45 minute episodes. 6Q was filmed on location in Lanzarote. A modified title sequence was introduced in 6S.
Regulars: the Fifth Doctor (6L-6R); the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) (6R-6S); Tegan (6L-6P); Turlough (6L-6Q); Perpugilliam 'Peri' Brown (Nicola Bryant) (6Q-6S).
Introducing: Commander Lytton (Maurice Colbourne) (6P);
Returning: Silurians and Sea Devils (6L); Davros and the Daleks (6P); the Master and Kamelion (6Q).
Missing Targets: 6P has never been officially novelised.


5 January - 30 March 1985

6T2Attack of the Cybermen
6V2Vengeance on Varos
6X2The Mark of the Rani
6W3The Two Doctors
6Z2Revelation of the Daleks

Notes: All of the episodes this season were double-length, approximately 45 minutes long. 6W was filmed in Seville, Spain.
Regulars: the Sixth Doctor and Peri.
Introducing: Sil (Nabil Shaban) (6V); Rani (Kate O'Mara) (6X).
Returning: Cybermen and Lytton (6T); the Master (6X); Second Doctor, Jamie and Sontarans (6W); Davros and the Daleks (6Z).
Missing Targets: 6Z has never been officially novelised.


6 September - 6 December 1986

7A4The Trial of a Time Lord (Parts 1-4)
7B4The Trial of a Time Lord (Parts 5-8)
7C6The Trial of a Time Lord (Parts 9-14)

Notes: This entire season is one 14-part story. A new arrangement of the theme tune was introduced in 7A.
Regulars: the Sixth Doctor; Peri (7A-7B); Melanie 'Mel' (Bonnie Langford) (7C).
Introducing: Sabalom Glitz (Tony Selby) (7A).
Returning: Sil (7B); the Master (7C); Glitz (7C).
Target titles: 7A: The Mysterious Planet; 7B: Mindwarp; 7C Parts 9-12: Terror of the Vervoids; 7C Parts 13-14: The Ultimate Foe.


7 September - 7 December 1987

7D4Time and the Rani
7E4Paradise Towers
7F3Delta and the Bannermen

Notes: A new title sequence and theme tune arrangement was introduced in 7D.
Regulars: the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy); Mel; Ace (Sophie Aldred) (7G).
Returning: Rani (7D); Glitz (7G).


5 October 1988 - 4 January 1989

7H4Remembrance of the Daleks
7L3The Happiness Patrol
7K3Silver Nemesis
7J4The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Notes: 7K is the 25th anniversary story; the first part screened 23 November 1988 in the UK, but parts 2 and 3 were first screened in New Zealand, 25 November 1988.
Regulars: the Seventh Doctor and Ace.
Returning: Davros and the Daleks (7H); Cybermen (7K).


6 September - 6 December 1989

7Q3Ghost Light
7M4The Curse of Fenric

Regulars: the Seventh Doctor and Ace.
Returning: Brigadier and UNIT (7N); the Master (7P).

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