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More entries from our bloopers file, verified by Jon Preddle. This issue's collection focuses on the sixties era, and were sent in by Nick Cooper, Tim Hill, Jamas Enright, Jon Preddle, and also includes entries from Daniel O'Malley's computer bulletin board listing.

The Daleks
[The Ordeal] In the scene where the travellers jump across the chasm, when Ian lands on the other side he grabs the 'rock' wall. Part of the polystyrene set comes away in his hand - the white of the polystyrene is clearly visible.
The Dalek Invasion of Earth
[The Daleks] In the first scene outside the Dalek saucer, a female studio technician can be seen in the extreme right of the picture when the Doctor and Ian are in close-up. She realises she is in shot and moves out of view. Just at the end of the same shot another studio technician appears briefly, behind the Roboman.
[The Waking Ally] Barbara and Jenny are locked to the wall by metal neck-braces, but it is clear that Jenny is holding hers in place.
The Chase
[The Executioners] In the scene where the travellers are listening to the Beatles song Ticket to Ride, Ian is singing along - but how could he possibly know the words when he left Earth in 1963, and that song was not released until 1965?
[Journey into Terror] When Ian and the Doctor find Frankenstein's monster in the lab, a Dalek can be seen behind the ventilation screen in the background, but this is an error since the Dalek ship hadn't actually arrived at this point. The Dalek appears in a later scene in the lab.
[Journey into Terror] A boom mike and operator appear briefly in the scene where the Doctor and Ian descend the main hall stairs.
[The Death of Doctor Who] A BBC camera can be seen in the jungle sequences.
The Time Meddler
[The Watcher] Steven finds a wrist-watch in the forest and declares how could they possibly be in 'the tenth century' - the story is set in 1066, so they're in the eleventh century!
The Daleks' Master Plan
[The Nightmare Begins] The message recorded by Marc Cory in Mission to the Unknown is completely different when found by Bret Vyon in this episode.
The Moonbase
[Episode 4] When Evans steals into the Gravitron control room, he picks up the cloth helmet and puts it on back to front! In the next shot of Evans, the helmet is on the correct way round.
The Dominators
[Episode 4] In the scene of Jamie and Cully trying to open the hatch of the bunker, we see a shot of the hatch buried under a pile of rubble. In the next shot, Jamie declares the hatch is free and he climbs up. The next shot is of Jamie pushing open the now uncovered hatch!
The Seeds of Death
[Episodes Five, Six] Patrick Troughton took a week's holiday during filming (he doesn't appear in Episode Four), and during this time his side-burns grew noticeably longer. Also, because location filming for the remaining two episodes of the story took place before studio recordings for the story, the Doctor's hair and side-burns change their length throughout these two episodes depending on whether he is inside or outside!

This item appeared in TSV 36 (November 1993).

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