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The Chase

Video review by Jonathan Park

Having read John Peel's book I was looking forward to a great story but unfortunately it didn't fulfill my expectations. The low budget shows through in every episode.

We start off with the Beatles, Queen Elizabeth I, Aridians, papier-mâché octopus/blobs (the Mire Beasts), but the worst is yet to come. Some of the corniest bits include the dim-witted Dalek ('Um... Er... Ah...'), the cringe-worthy Morton Dill, the haunted house complete with an out-of-sync Dracula and bats on wires, the Mechanoids with pincers and a cardboard city.

There are of course some magic moments which include the battle at the end of the story, the destruction of a Dalek (which, when it hits the Doctor's bomb, shouts 'Am exterminated, am exterminated!'), the eerie Mary Celeste sequence and the Frankenstein monster.

It's not all that bad; just not as good as I expected it to be. By the way, if the TARDIS is buried in the sandstorm why do the Doctor and Barbara only have a couple of handfuls of sand on their backs?

This item appeared in TSV 38 (March 1994).

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