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The Handbook: The Sixth Doctor

By Howe, Stammers & Walker

Book review by Stuart Brown

I immensely enjoyed the Fourth Doctor Handbook and couldn't wait until this one was released. My expectations were not disappointed. The book is written in a clear and interesting style. Each story is analysed to a great degree and gives so many facts and interesting information that the book is impossible to put down until you have finished it.

The independent opinions of each story provided by the three authors vary greatly giving a much wider point of view. Also included is what could have been Season 23; Revelation of the Daleks from script to screen; a good feature on Nicola Bryant as the companion, and a section on NZ's screenings - thanks go to Paul and Jon for gathering the information for this three-page piece.

The book sums up Colin Baker's tenure as the Doctor perfectly and is very well researched. I learnt a lot from reading this and recommend it to people as the best factual book (so far) on Colin Baker's era. What would the Fourth Doctor Handbook have been like if it had been researched to this degree? I can't wait for the First Doctor Handbook and The Seventies.

This item appeared in TSV 38 (March 1994).