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Planet of Evil

Video review by David Bishop

This story displays just how good Doctor Who was during the Hinchcliffe and Holmes gothic horror era of seasons 12-14, particularly the later two. Despite being a studio-bound story set on a very alien planet, the set is very convincing, especially during the occuloid Ealing scenes shot from above. The story is a mixture typical of the era plundering of science fiction/horror themes and influences - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for Sorenson; Forbidden Planet for the anti-matter monster (itself inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest!)

The acting is mostly strong, Ewen Solon shining as Vishinsky. The appearance of the corpses, sucked dry by the monster, are just as disturbing as when the story was first broadcast nearly 20 years ago.

Of course there are flaws. For example, why does the Morestran spaceship have grab-and-pull door handles on its exterior? Surely the occasional airlock might come in handy in the vacuum of space? Still, a small scale but entirely watchable addition to the video collection from the BBC. Now will they please pull finger and release The Seeds of Doom!

This item appeared in TSV 38 (March 1994).

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