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The Power of the Daleks

By John Peel

Book review by David Lawrence

This is a somewhat difficult book for me to approach because it is a story that I myself once embarked upon novelizing, intending it to be released as a TSV Book. I'd got as far as halfway through the second draft of episode five when it was announced that John Peel would be doing the professional novelisation.

Now to some this couldn't be better the prospect of a new book and one of which no television record exists - but to me the idea of John Peel doing one of my favourite stories, let alone one I'd been slaving over myself, was hardly good news. His previous books were bland and did their scripts little justice. His Gallifrey Chronicles was trivial speculation and not thought-out, and Timewyrm: Genesys almost sent the New Adventures to an early grave.

So it was with trepidation that I began reading Power and little surprise that I finished it. Sure enough, John Peel has done little to repair the gaping plot holes that thanks to the ingenious ideas of David Ronayne I was able to cover. And sure enough, to pad it out to New Adventures length John Peel restates each character's particular feelings on the situation a hundred times over and gives all the male characters the new motivation of wanting to go to bed with Janley.

Interestingly both John Peel and I introduced an extra character to the story. Peel's is the colony nurse, Thane, who does little to add to the plot, whereas mine was a political activist designed to expand on the rebel group that John Peel seems so intent on downplaying.

I wasn't really counting on anything spectacular so at least I can say Power was up to my expectations! In fact, in all my conceited arrogance I actually think my Power of the Daleks is the better one, and I wouldn't be surprised if Jeff Stone is expressing similar sentiments about The Evil of the Daleks.

This item appeared in TSV 38 (March 1994).

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