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The bloopers for this instalment of Who-oops were provided by the ever-observant Jeff Stone, David Lawrence, Phillip Braithwaite, Paul Scoones, Kirk Moore and Jamas Enright. The entries were compiled and verified by Jon Preddle.

The Sensorites [Strangers in Space]
When Maitland cuts out the lock on the hatch with a drill. the drill leaves large white marks on the surface of the door but these marks were clearly visible before he started drilling!
The Sensorites [A Race Against Death]
Although the entire cast are guilty of fluffing their lines throughout this story, the fourth episode contains a particular classic from William Hartnell as the Doctor declares that he 'must see the First. .. er ... Elder ... ah .. scientist, rather'.
Planet of Giants [Dangerous Journey & Crisis]
At the end of Part 2, when the sink is emptied, the plug is put on the bench, but in the Part 3 recap, the plug is placed back in the sink - to be used as a ladder.
The Web Planet [The Zarbi]
The Doctor tells Ian that the Isop Galaxy is 'many light Earths ... light years away from Earth.'
The Chase [Journey into Terror]
When Ian and the Doctor find Frankenstein's monster in the lab, it is covered in bandages, however when it chases them down the corridor, it is now wearing a jacket!
The Gunfighters [Johnny Ringo]
When Virgil and Wyatt Earp ask the Doctor where Steven is, he replies 'She's gone off with a gentleman called Johnny Ringo'!
The Seeds of Death [Episode 6]
The Doctor falls into the foam and then bursts out, covered in it, and starts banging on the door. After a cut to the Ice Warrior lumbering towards him, we return to the Doctor banging on the door but he is no longer covered in foam.
Castrovalva [Part One]
When the Doctor levitates in the Zero Room, his coat tails don't hang down. Also, in the close up shots of the sleeping Doctor, the question marks on his collar are clearly reversed!
Enlightenment [Part Three & Part Four]
Tegan has her eyes open when she is 'frozen' by Wrack in Part 3. In Part 4 when the scene continues, Tegan's eyes are now closed!
Warriors of the Deep [Part Three & Part Four]
The Sea Devil heads keep falling sideways, revealing the tee-shirts worn by the actors under their costumes!
The Trial of a Time Lord [Part Eleven & Part Twelve]
When the Hyperion III hits turbulence near the Black Hole of Tartarus, the passengers and crew fall about, but the plants in the lounge remain still!
Remembrance of the Daleks [Part One]
The sign on the junkyard gates reads 'I M FORMAN', when it should be 'I M FOREMAN'.

This item appeared in TSV 38 (March 1994).

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