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Season 15 Poll

Compiled by Paul Scoones

Here's the results of our second season poll. 10 forms were returned; over 20 were sent out.


1Image of the Fendahl(46 points)24.2%
2The Sun Makers(42 points)22.1%
3Horror of Fang Rock(35 points)18.4%
4The Invasion of Time(30 points)15.8%
5The Invisible Enemy(20 points)10.5%
6Underworld(17 points)8.9%

"Season 15 had some of the most inept writing and direction ever seen on the programme - the only exceptions being Image of the Fendahl and The Sun Makers." - Murray Jackson

"Although I enjoyed the slapstick humour of The Invisible Enemy and The Invasion of Time, I thought these stories were spoiled by bad acting and the silliness was sometimes carried too far. I liked Image of the Fendahl due to the eerieness of the story but The Sun Makers was my favourite because it combined a good story and acting with humour as well." - Andrew Freeman

"Image of the Fendahl seemed too padded out, although the Fendahleen were good." - Michael Mayo

"On the whole, better than Season 14... Horror of Fang Rock was my absolute favourite from the outset, I can't fault it, and I thought all the dialogue was absolutely spot on, including the much-criticised Rutan... I thought Underworld was pretty boring... I'm amazed at how some fans think there's too much humour in these stories, as there's nowhere near as much as I'd like to see... Image of the Fendahl was really good, but seemed out of place with the other stories." - Chris Noaro

"Season 15 was a pretty big disappointment. No one story really shone above the others at all." - Jon Preddle

"What a bad season. Tom Baker is getting out of hand. K9 is pathetic, Leela is the only saving grace." - Paul Sinkovich


1Sontarans (15 points)
2Fendahleen (6 points)
3Rutan(4 points)
4Nucleus (3 points)
5Fendahl (2 points)

"I loved the Fendahl core and the worm-like creatures that accompanied it." - Gerald Joblin


1The Collector (28 points)
2Gatherer Hade (11 points)
3Kelner (9 points)
4=Max Stael
K9 (4 points)
6Dr Fendelman (3 points)

"Kelner was such a good villain because he was such a coward, and so selfish that he was believable." - Michael Mayo


1Borusa(33 points)
Marius(11 points)
4Adelaide(9 points)
Skinsale(6 points)
Fendelman(4 points)
Vince(3 points)
Granny Tyler(2 points)
Jackson(1 point)

Editor's Note: As Jon Preddle pointed out to me, Dr Fendelman was not a villain and as such should have been included in the Favourite Supporting Character category, and not Favourite Villain. I agree, but at least one reader obviously thought he was a villain, and two decided K9 deserved villain status, and I didn't list him!


1The Invasion of Time 6(11 points)
2Image of the Fendahl 4(8 points)
3=The Sun Makers l
The Sun Makers 2(5 points)
5= Horror of Fang Rock 3
The Sun Makers 4
Underworld 3(4 points)
8= Image of the Fendahl l
Image of the Fendahl 2
The Invasion of Time l(3 points)
11 Image of the Fendahl 3(2 points)
12=Horror of Fang Rock 2
The Invasion of Time 5(1 point)

Story Totals: Horror of Fang Rock (5 points); The Invisible Enemy (0 points); Image of the Fendahl (16 points); The Sun Makers (14 points); Underworld (4 points); The Invasion of Time (15 points)


1George Spenton-Foster (Image of the Fendahl)5 votes
2Gerald Blake (The Invasion of Time) 3 votes
3=Pennant Roberts (The Sun Makers)
Paddy Russell (Horror of Fang Rock) 1 vote

The eerie atmosphere of Image of the Fendahl is directly attributable to the direction of George Spenton-Foster, the winner in this category. His story also got most points in the single episode category too. Foster also directed The Ribos Operation, but is better known perhaps for the four episodes of Blake's 7 he directed. Second place-getter, Gerald Blake directed The Abominable Snowmen back in 1967, in addition to The Invasion of Time. He also directed Blake's 7.

In conclusion, a pretty disappointing season for all but a few voters. It remains to be seen what you make of the one following. The results of the Key to Time Season will be in the April issue.