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Artwork printed in TSV 40

[Seventh Doctor] [Krynoid Pod] [Krynoid Hybrid] [Krynoid Adult] [The Rani] [Cleaner Robot] [Pool Cleaner Robot] [Bannerman and Chimeron] [Ace] [Dragon] [Doctor's Cliffhanger] [Emperor Dalek] [Kandyman] [Fifi] [Cyberman] [Silver Nemesis castle]
Tim Hill
[Seventh Doctor] [Benny and Plasticine]
[Brigadier] [Ace and Husk]
[Seventh Doctor] [Light]
Chris Girdler
William Gravenor
[Seventh Doctor] [Light] [New Adventures Ace]
Warwick Gray
[Circus Clowns] [God of Ragnorok] [The Destroyer] [UNIT helicopter] [Husk] [Haemovore hand] [Haemovores attacking Ace] [Kitling] [The Master] [Seventh Doctor, Dice and Chess] [Light]
Tim Hill