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The Two Doctors

Video review by Stuart Brown

Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines slip effortlessly back in to their old personae - a joy to watch. The overall plot seems to make sense with the Sixth Doctor responding to his previous incarnation's call for help. Once the action gets to Spain there is an awful lot of Jamie and Pen being captured and escaping (just like old times!)

The Sontaran masks look too comical and unrealistic - Linx in The Time Warrior had a far better mask and that story was ten years older. Dastari, Chessene, Shockeye and the Sontarans seemed to change their minds all too often and consequently the middle of the story dragged. I thought the Androgums worked well as villains; especially Shockeye, whose menacing air suggests great evil and the idea of him being ruthless, corrupt and throughly backstabbing, contrasted effectively with his obvious affection for food.

The transformation of the Second Doctor into an Androgum made the story all the more interesting and as slowly the effect filtered through to the Sixth Doctor it brought an air of urgency to the Doctor's quest for his previous self. Shockeye's obsession with tasting human meat before leaving Earth was sick, bit did make apt social comment on the way we view our meat source of sheep and cattle when others could regard us as ourselves. The Second Doctor didn't actually do terribly much in The Two Doctors except play the part of the person for the Sixth Doctor to rescue. Some may say that the inclusion of the Second Doctor was gratuitous but it added another dimension to an otherwise average story.

Overall, good acting, effects, plot and characters marred only by the villains' motivations chopping and changing and the small role for the Second Doctor. One of Colin Baker's better stories.

This item appeared in TSV 40 (July 1994).

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