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Planet of the Daleks [Episode One]
Reflected in the metal strip down the time rotor of the TARDIS a person can be seen moving.
Planet of the Daleks [Episode Five]
In the scenes by the lake when the Daleks are pushed in, Jo's hair is much longer.
Death to the Daleks [Part Three]
In the scene by the pond one of the Daleks still has his exterminator when all the other Daleks have the machine gun weapons.
The cables holding up the probe-snake are visible.
The Invisible Enemy [Part Three]
When Marius' nurse is ta1king to Leela in the corridor, a cameraman is reflected upside-down in the nurse's eye-mirror.
The Power of Kroll [Part Four]
When the Doctor smashes the hatch in the side of the orbit rocket, it wobbles. Also, when Ranquin is pulled into the pipe by Kroll, the pipe wobbles even though it is supposed to be strong metal.
Warriors' Gate
The TARDIS, the privateer and the gateway are supposed to be out of sight from each other for most of the story, but model shots locate them very close together.
Warriors' Gate [Part One]
When Rorvik orders Biroc to be connected up to a high tension cable, Biroc appears to be electrocuted before anyone can follow Rorvik's instruction.
When Lane re-enters the ship, the shadow of a hand-held microphone can be plainly seen on the wall beside him.
Warriors' Gate [Part Two]
Rorvik leaves the ship with two crewmembers - Lane and Packard, but arrives back with three, including Kilroy.
The Doctor dismantles the head of a Gundan, but minutes later it is suddenly intact again.
When the two Gundan robots collide, one of their axes falls across the Doctor's back. It bounces off, and the Time Lord is unharmed.
Warriors' Gate [Part Two, Three]
Adric wanders off with one of K9's ears. Thereafter K9 has one ear in some scenes, and two in others before meeting up with Adric again.
Warriors' Gate [Part Four]
Romana earths a live power cable on the metal ladder on which she is standing but is unaffected.
Four to Doomsday
Monarch's facial features are noticeably different in the scene where he tries to enter the TARDIS in Part One, and again when confronting the Doctor's party in the recreational in Part Four.
Four to Doomsday [Part Two]
When Bigon lifts up his android facemask in the last scene, his face does not tilt as the mask lifts up or is replaced, but simply vanishes.
Four to Doomsday [Part Three]
When the Greek swordsmen take Nyssa from the throne room they do not have helmets. En route to the Mobiliary they are wearing helmets, but when they arrive, they are helmet-less again.
Four to Doomsday [Part Four]
Although they are clearly disks stuck on the back of their hands, Bigon refers to the android control devices as 'bands'.
Earthshock [Part Four]
A studio technician holding a clipboard can be seen in the shadows of the silo hold in one scene.
The Cyberleader misses a step and stumbles a little on the stairs on the way to the TARDIS.
Enlightenment [Part Three]
In at least one scene in Captain Wrack's cabin, Turlough is wearing a ring on his wedding finger, but not in other parts of the story.
Delta and the Bannermen [Part Three]
The Doctor is wearing glasses in a long shot of him riding the Vincent motorcycle.
The Happiness Patrol
In Part One and for the first half of Part Two, the Kandy Man's 'chin' is only a small triangular metal plate. In the latter half of the story the chin is much bigger. In Part Three when the Kandy Man is running down the pipe just before his demise, the chin plate as well as the cheek plates are missing altogether!

This item appeared in TSV 40 (July 1994).

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