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Artwork printed in TSV 41

[Cybermen] [Nimon] [The fourth Doctor] [Ice Lord] [Sherlock Holmes and the seventh Doctor] [Primord] [The Underwater Menace]
Tim Hill
[The fourth Doctor] [Davros and Nyder] [The second Doctor]
Warwick Gray
[The sixth Doctor and Peri]
Julia Lloyd
[Zygon birthing chamber] [Yeti in sewer] [Cybermen floating in space]
Peter Adamson
[The sixth Doctor and TARDIS]
Richard Larsen
[Peter Cushing] [Cyberman and Vogan]
Rochelle Thickpenny
[Robot] [Doctor Who logo]
Alden Bates
[Cyberman] [Sontaran]
William Gravenor
[Curse of Peladon]
Roderick Hannah
[The fourth Doctor]
David Ronayne
Chris Girdler