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100,000 BC [4: The Firemaker]
Barbara says: 'The Doctor found a hole, a stone with a hole in it.'
The Chase [2: The Death of Time]
A Dalek is clearly seen to be 'walking' across the sand rather than gliding.
The Daleks' Master Plan [10: Escape Switch]
The Doctor says "I had to hand over the real Taranium Core to Magic, er, Mavic Chen".
The Gunfighters [3: Johnny Ringo]
As the Clantons burst into the jail to release Phineas a bulb in the studio lighting rig above the doorway explodes.
The Tomb of the Cybermen [Episode 3]
A Cyberman clearly has a torn sleeve on his costume.
The Dominators [Episode 3]
No episode number is given on the opening titles (apparently the episode number was present on transmission but is absent from the existing film print).
The Mind of Evil [Episode Four]
A muffled female sneeze can be heard in an office scene with no female present.
The Three Doctors [Episode One]
The police box exterior can be seen from the point of view of the TARDIS scanner when in reality all we should be able to see is the far wall of the UNIT lab.

This item appeared in TSV 41 (October 1994).

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