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By Paul Scoones

For many months now, I've been trying to put together a readers' survey, but the reason it has failed to materialise is that the only question I really want to ask is: what do you - the reader - want to see in TSV?

You will no doubt have noticed that the same names keep cropping up each issue on the articles and artwork, the reviews and the letters. These are the people whose enthusiasm for TSV regularly inspires them to put pen to paper. Maybe you're one of them, but if you're not, that's fine. I'm not asking people to contribute if they don't want to. I would however like to hear the opinions of as many of you out there as possible, especially the silent majority who don't usually write in (this so-called 'silent majority' in fact constitutes more than 80% of our current subscribing readership).

Even if you are not a subscribing member, but regularly borrow a friend's or family member's copy to read, I'd still like to hear your views.

The feedback I receive from readers is always taken into consideration in shaping the content of TSV. An example of this is the exhaustive guide to Doctor Who Annuals in this issue, which arose from a request from a reader for information on this subject.

The questions I'm seeking your answers to are:

  • What have you particularly liked about recent TSV issues?
  • What Doctor Who topics would you like to see covered in forthcoming issues?

Please take time to write in. I'm looking forward to reading your ideas and opinions.


This item appeared in TSV 42 (January 1995).