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The Seeds of Doom

Video review by Stuart Brown

This story has something that is lacking from many other Doctor Who stories - a sense of realism. Maybe not visually with regard to the poor CSO work on the Krynoid and all that fake snow, although the transformations were effective. The well thought-out plot, interesting characters, comic relief and excellent chilling incidental music all add up to make this one of the top Tom Baker stories.

The Seeds of Doom fits in perfectly with the horror element running through the rest of the season, and has a very high level of suspense. The Doctor's use of violence was very unusual but was excusable considering that Sarah's life was in danger. Tom Baker used his own natural humour but at times was deadly serious, especially concerning the future of Earth if the Krynoids took over.

Tony Beckley as Harrison Chase was expertly performed. Chase's obsession with plants and his belief that they were superior to humans contributed to the sense of his madness. Comic relief was provided by Sylvia Coleridge as Amelia Ducat. Her absentmindedness and acid tongue towards those she disliked was amusing.

A great Tom Baker story and one that shall remain a firm favourite.

This item appeared in TSV 42 (January 1995).

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