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Time Lord Game Additions

By Justin Reynolds


Pakha is a small planet, not much more than a quarter of the diameter of Earth. However, due to its extreme density the gravity is only a little less than 1G. With its oxygen-rich atmosphere and warm, stable climate Pakha has become one of the Galactic Federation's most popular tourist destinations. Alien visitors vastly outnumber the native Pakhars in the more commercial areas, but the planet remains remarkably unaffected by outside influences. Indeed, Pakha is slow to make any changes; the outdated and sometimes unreliable technology still in use is a source of frustration to many visitors, and the dilapidated state of much of the architecture shows that even essential maintenance may be delayed indefinitely. Nevertheless, the friendly disposition of the Pakhars, the planet's rich culture and heritage, and the profusion of excellent galleries, museums, and libraries (some even containing paper books!) more than compensate. In more erudite circles, Pakha is even better known for its contribution to scholarship, and while less prominent trade is a vital part of the planet's economy.

The Pakhars themselves are diminutive creatures, few standing taller than a meter. Evolved from rodent-like creatures, the furry, small eared beings bear a resemblance to giant gerbils that humans may find amusing. Their cute appearance is somewhat dissipated when they bare their sharp incisors, but civilised Pakhars seldom make such hostile gestures. Pakhars now generally refrain from the screeches of rage that indicated anger in the past, but the flicking of their short grey tails remains a clear indication of displeasure. Their whiskers tend to twitch involuntarily when nervous, and slow shaking of the snout is a sign of disappointment.

Despite the warmth of their world and thick fur, Pakhars dress in clothes much like those of humans. Traditional materials are favoured over synthetic garments, with wool being a favourite for travellers to cooler planets. Straw beds are standard in the low ceiling hutches most Pakhars inhabit.

Pakhar names are generally composed of three syllables, separated by apostrophes. There are a few exceptions, such as the Daemon Mianik'ha which according to legend lives in the Heart of Pakha, but they do not apply to ordinary Pakhars. Informally, apostrophe-less diminutives are generally used.

For many centuries Pakhar has been a peaceful world, but there is a dark side to Pakha's history. For many generations, the planet was consumed by war caused by the Ancient Diadem, a powerful entity inhabiting a jewelled crown. The Diadem feeds on the emotions of war, and affects the mind of its wearer and those around it to bring about conflict. Its origins are unknown, but Pakha was the first world to experience its malevolent influence. With the aid of the Third Doctor and Jo Grant, the Diadem was eventually defeated and lost for thousands of years. Upon its rediscovery it began to plot the instigation of war throughout the Federation, but the intervention of the Seventh Doctor left it trapped on the planet Peladon. While the wars of the ancient past have been finished for good, Pakha's reform was not total. Though violence of any kind is uncommon, behind the tranquil popular image lurks as much crime as can be found on any other world of the Federation.

As a rule Pakhars do not carry arms, though they are can use advanced Federation blasters in emergencies. Whenever possible they avoid fighting altogether, and when necessary they must generally resort to their teeth and claws, which while small, are capable of inflicting 3 Wounds in a round. Fortunately for the survival of their species, only the most primitive of weapons were used in their warlike past.

Even during the worst periods of the Diadem instigated wars of Pakha's past, the Pakhars did not use armour. In more civilised times, there is seldom any need for any defensive gear.

Pakhars are small creatures, and hence at a disadvantage in any physical combat. Their size and cute appearance can also cause others to treat them less than seriously.

[Pakhar Game Sheet]

This item appeared in TSV 42 (January 1995).

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