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By Paul Scoones

Seven people. That's how many wrote in response to my plea in the editorial last issue; less than 4% of the current readership! Where are you all? We're trying again, this time with a survey form for you to fill out and send back. As an added incentive we've offering a prize - all readers who enter the survey will be in to win a Doctor Who book.

I would however like to say a very big thank you to those seven people who did take the trouble to write in. Your views have already started to shape TSV; witness the return of Beyond the Book this issue due to several requests. Other popular requested articles, such as a history of rumours and hoaxes, a continuation of the Novelisations articles and a detailed look at the BBC Archive holdings are imminent.

The response to last issue's editorial may have been slight, but articles have flooded into TSV this last month. For the first time ever I've had to hold over several major pieces until next issue for the simple reason that there wasn't space to print them here. Please do continue to send in your articles, artwork, letters, reviews and anything else you think I'd like to print. In addition, TSV's new fiction editor Matthew Dentith is very keen to hear from you if you're writing Doctor Who short stories.


This item appeared in TSV 43 (March 1995).