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Infinite Requiem

By Daniel Blythe

Book review by Paul Scoones

I was initially put off this book by the back cover blurb gave me the impression that the Doctor usually appeared in the form of a hologram during the story, but thankfully the hologram's involvement was mercifully short- lived, and the real Doctor is as present as ever.

The book has a carefully plotted structure. The scenes set on 1997 Earth are very vivid and easy to visualise; those set elsewhere in the future less so, but still sufficiently interesting.

The very alien Phractons at first seem to be Blythe's close approximation of the Daleks. The Phractons are repulsive blobby creatures gliding about in life support shells and firing weapons, but to Blythe's credit he later imbues them with characteristics which help to put aside thoughts of such a comparison.

This is enjoyable novel is relatively straight-forward. As such I believe it deserves recommendation as a first book for someone new to the New Adventures and looking for something close to the television stories. For the seasoned reader it makes a pleasant change from the heavy-going novels of the past six months.

This item appeared in TSV 43 (March 1995).

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