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By Paul Scoones

Welcome to another year and a fresh new look for TSV.

This issue was to have been published and posted in December. The delay was caused by the late delivery of certain items and a lack of time over the Christmas period.

A number of important changes have occurred. We have a new postal address and a new email address. As announced last issue, the subscription rates have gone up. This is unfortunately inevitable to cover TSV's gradually rising production costs. This is the first time the fees have gone up since January 1991, and we hope to be able to keep them constant for another five years.

Nicholas Withers has taken on the position of co-editor. The new format introduced with this issue is entirely Nicholas' doing. Although there is no strict demarcation of responsibility, generally I handle the editing of written material whilst Nicholas produces the final look of each page and places the artwork. There is however a great deal of collaboration in this process.

The fiction competition announced in TSV 44 (but inadvertently unmentioned in TSV 45) has closed. Due to a disappointingly low number of entries, we have decided to give each of the three entrants a prize in recognition of their efforts. All fiction should now be sent directly to the club postal or email address as Matthew Dentith is no longer the club's fiction editor. We'd like to thank Matthew for performing this role throughout 1995, particularly as it was due to his efforts that the much-delayed Timestreams 5 fiction special finally saw print.

January 1997 is when we plan to publish TSV 50. At this stage we're very interested to read your suggestions of what we should include in this milestone number to celebrate fifty issues and ten years of TSV.


This item appeared in TSV 46 (January 1996).